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  1. Thank you so much, that makes a lot of sense. How did you research this? I couldn't find anything except drum mapping problems.
  2. "Other program is busy"........thats the part i don't understand, and somehow the answer as nothing else is open.
  3. I updated AD2 before i switched to Bandlab, but this problem started in Sonar and that prompted me to start updating to solve the problem, as i had an "it isnt broke, im not touching it" attitude to my DAW. I checked all the mapping, and every resource ive found online looks just like mine, perhaps ive missed something so i'll go back over it.Ive looked at some other DAWs and Presonus Studio 4 has some amazing Drum editing capabilities that go far beyond the step editor in Cakewalk and thats what its all about for me. I really appreciate your reply
  4. Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying this lockdown with extra creativity and recording. I was until Cakewalk started acting up, and i'm hoping someone has had this same issue, as i have not been able to find anything on the internet for this one. DAW loads up with no problem, when i load up a song, it stops when it gets to Addictive Drums 2 and this prompt pops up [Attached below]. The only button that does anything is the 1st-Switch to, and it takes me to my Windows 8 start screen, and i can't find anything open. I cant do anything with the DAW and its an endless circle, the only way to get out of it is to restart my desktop. Ive checked the drum maps and everything looks as it should. This started when i was still using the old official Sonar program, thought that could be a problem so downloaded Bandlab version and its the same. Updated AD2 and Melodyne before i switched to Bandlab, and i know updated can mess things up, Thank you if anyone has any ideas. Im not the most computer literate person so there might be a simple answer.
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