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  1. Thanks David, that was helpful. I kind of left out that the reason I wind up with a threshold in the -10 range is because it takes that much of a threshold before I see the 3-5db reduction. I'm wondering if that's saying I don't have my Master level or the mix high enough. Most of the music I create is sort of light listening melodic type music like Ryan Farish - chill, electronic, or whatever that is. But I have the same problem on rocking type music like Joe Satriani or Eric Johnson.
  2. Thanks for the input. Hmmm, I see the manual says to allow -6 db headroom, which sounds like you're doing. I'd like to know if you have a typical AL threshold. I assume you were referring to ceiling when you said you set limiter output to -0.3. I find if I have threshold at -10, ceiling at -1.0, that having -6db headroom still isn't enough - AL still boosts the volume too much. So that's when I bring down the gain for Master track to compensate. From manual: When recording, allow at least -6 dBFS headroom (set maximum peak to -6 dBFS).
  3. Yes, it starts with one measure of 4 metronome clicks, at measure 2 midi tracks (Addictive Drums, Modo Bass, various VST synths) start to play.
  4. Sorry I didn't see this post sooner cuz I've ranted a few times about it. Would love to see this fixed. I don't know if it was mentioned, but I'm pretty sure automation also causes the dreaded asterisk to appear. Seems like all that is needed is to play the playlist and ignore changes, automation, etc - maybe an ignore checkbox or something. I've jumped thru hoops to get around this problem by creating Autohotkey scripts to load projects on the fly instead of using playlists, but it's not an ideal solution.
  5. I've been experimenting with the Adaptive Limiter. I insert it into the master track, typically set ceiling to -1.0 and threshold around -10. That boosts the signal dramatically. So to compensate I cut the gain down on the master track about -6db or whatever it takes to get a reasonable and similar volume. This works, but is that the best practice? How are you supposed to compensate for this dramatic boost in volume? I've also tried setting the Match Input Loudness (ear icon thing) on instead of cutting the Master track gain. It sort of works, except when I do that, it seems to start out with a quick volume burst (1 or 2 sec) until the limiter kicks in. How do I avoid this happening?
  6. When dragging track lanes between previously existing tracks, what's the trick to get it to open a new track lane rather than overwriting the current one? I can't get this to work. Even in msmcleod's example above, the track lane he's dragging to already exists, so it's not automatically opening a new take lane. This is why I'm confused about this.
  7. I had my tracks and take lanes completely collapsed so I didn't see the take lane headers until I increased their vertical size. I still don't get how this is anything new. Thanks.
  8. Item 4 of Release Notes says this: Copy/paste and drag drop enhancements, including full support for drag and drop of Take lanes between tracks, and improved drag drop preview to visually represent the final data. I had no trouble moving clips between track take lanes but how do you move entire take lanes between tracks? I tried a few things but nothing is working for me. Although I've figured out most of the rest of the enhancements, was there any post or video with more detail about them?
  9. I wouldn't recommend Structure since it takes up so much hard drive space, and to me anyway, has limited value. I have it on my older i5 laptop but decided not to put it on my new i7 laptop. In the past, I worked with using the provided samples and creating my own, and found it cumbersome to deal with. However, I like the other AIR suite synths a lot, especially Xpand, Hybrid, and DB33. I soon found some of the sounds I was trying to get out of Structure were already in Xpand and easy to work with.
  10. Yes, you need to put an amplifier in front of the IR cabinet - it just takes the place of a cabinet. I use a few.
  11. I'm running the latest version 2019.01. I don't run lenses but use screensets. I suppose that could have something to do with it. I tried lenses for quite a while but quit using them and I don't remember what it was I didn't like about them.
  12. I guess I just find it easier and quicker to click the + sign to repetitively add synths which I frequently do. It's only the + button that exhibits that problem for me. I don't have the problem from Insert Synth, the Browser, or in Synth View. Anyway, it's not a big deal to just click like you say on Insert Synth from the menu bar. And then I can go to the + button after that for as long as I have the project open. Just an extra step is all. So I appreciate you figuring that out.
  13. Yes, that works consistently and retains the setting when closing and reopening project. But if I go straight to the + button it usually reverts back to Category sort. I just tried it again. The first time I saved the project, then closed the project, not CBB itself, and reopend the project, clicked on +, and it was sorted by Manufacturer. Then I closed CBB itself, then started CBB and loaded the project and it was sorted by Category again. Then if I go your route of Insert>soft synth>plugin layout from the menu bar, then +, it's sorted by Manufacturer again. So for me, it seems to not retain the setting if you go directly to + button at times.
  14. That works but it always seems to revert back to Category search if you close and reopen project. And it seems like an extra step to have to click Insert Synth on the Menu Bar, if that's what you meant. Seems like they should have put a sort button right in the Add Track panel and then retain that setting. Anyway, no biggie and this I'll consider a workaround. Thanks for the info.
  15. I like to use the Add Track button located in Track View just above the first track that they added a year or two ago. I find that even though I can get it to sort by manufacturer in Synth View and in the Browser, that I cannot get it to do so with the Add Track button. It always sorts by Category. Anyone know if there's a way to make it sort by Manufacturer and stay that way?
  16. Hey David that's a good idea and that's what I'll do. Thanks for the suggestion.
  17. Yes, that's what I mean. I just created a Rapture instrument track (by clicking the + in track view), went Shift A, and Volume Automation was on (ie had R highlighted) and the track slider volume was set to 0db. So I then set the slider manually to a desired volume, hit play, but the volume jumps right back to 0db because Volume Automation defaults to on (R highlighted). That's why I wish Volume Automation could be made to default to off (R not highlighted). Saves my ears from getting blown out too. So usually I just try to remember to go Shift A and unhighlight the R for Vol Automation. It just seems like all this could be avoided by simply defaulting Volume Automation to off (R unhighlighted). Maybe there's something I'm not getting here.
  18. When I add an instrument track, volume automation always defaults to on. Anyone know how to have it always default to off? Thanks.
  19. My experience has been that program changes with TH3 only work with VST2 plugin, not VST3 plugin. The email below is from Overloud on 8/29/16 in which they acknowledge this problem. I just retested and still have the same problem with the VST3 plugin even though I'm on the most recent full version of TH3 (3.4.9) and CBB. Of course, I wish this would get resolved. And another problem is where you can record an automation lane successfully, but when you close and reopen the project, the automation disappears. This also was acknowledged by Overloud but they felt the problem was with Sonar at the time and was supposed to report a bug to Cakewalk. I would imagine this is lost in the shuffle in the meantime. I'm continuing to use the VST2 plugin since it's mostly working and you can get around automation problem by assigning Midi controllers in conjuction with Midi Learn using a Midi track. Overloud email 8/29/16: there is absolutely no difference in functionality between TH3 VST2 and VST3 (aside, of course, of this issue regarding MIDI which is obviously not intended). The current state of TH3 VST3 as of version 3.2.2 is that it supports CCs and Note messages, but still not Program Changes. It may sound funny somehow, but the VST3 specification does not include "out-of-the-box" support for Program Change messages, replaced by a much more convoluted abstraction (which no one really uses in its full capability). The result is that the old "Program Change" functionality has to be "emulated" instead, in some way or another. At the moment we're deciding which way it is best to design this emulation. The good news is that the VST2 is still fully functional with all its MIDI capability, so if you wish to update from the special 3.2.0 that we have sent, you can do so updating with the latest 3.2.2 and then remove the VST3 plug-in from your system (or choosing not to install it right from the installer).
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