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  1. A few years ago for my birthday my wife gave me the Apogee ProTools Duet, which was the first Apogee that ran on Windows (I think). It was bundled with a full version of ProTools, which I fooled around with for a few weeks and then uninstalled. The Windows drivers weren't very good for the Duet and caused a lot of BSODs - one that was released to "fix" the issue seemed to make it even worse. So I stuck it in a closet and started using a 2nd Gen Focusrite 2i4. I noticed recently that there were new drivers for the Duet, so I installed and after working out a few problems, it seems good. Maybe I've fallen prey to their marketing and general online hype, but it sounds noticeably better to me than the Focusrite. But it is a pain to use - no direct monitoring, no standard MIDI in and out (USB MIDI only), and if you record at anything other than 44.1, you have to reset the sample rate to 44.1 if you just want to listen to MP3s and wav files on WMP or other Windows software. So, if you had both devices, which would you use with CbB?
  2. Worked like a charm! Still wish they'd fix it, but it's a perfect solution. Thanks!
  3. Ok, good idea. That would be better since it would let me insert in an already-started project. I'll try it and report back.
  4. OK, just tried it and it worked. Of course I would need to know at the start that I wanted to use the VA-3 VST3 in the project. Still puzzles me that older projects, and now new ones based on this template, don't have the issue.
  5. Interesting idea. I'll give it a try and report back.
  6. I updated my NVidia drivers but the problem persists. I seem to be ok with Chromaphone 2 now, so it's not a "crash," per se -- If I'm willing to wait long enough (several minutes) and use of 36GB of memory, I can use the VA-3 VST3. I have been distracted the past several days looking after my new granddaughter so the parents could have a long weekend getaway, but I will try to get support from AAS today or tomorrow. A new version of the AAS plugins was made available since the issue started for me (from 3.1.1 to 3.1.2 for VA-3), but it did not fix the problem. One thing I'm pretty sure of is that the problem surfaced shortly after the Windows update that "fixed" the Windows search issue. I have read that people have had issues with all sorts of things, including sound devices, as a result of that update. If I were really energetic, I would uninstall the update and see if it made a difference. Since I can use the VST2, there seems to be not much reason to go to that trouble for what may be a dead end.
  7. There have been some recent updates, but they didn't solve my problem. I'm going to contact AAS directly but have been too busy to put it in writing. I doubt if they would appreciate me just providing a link to this topic. I've got Lounge Lizard but haven't used it lately. I'll give it a try and see what happens.
  8. One more thing I want to reiterate - none of this happens with project sample rate set at 44.1 - only at 48000 or higher. At 44.1, memory usage is normal when inserting Ultra Analog VA-3, and I produce sound hitting a key on my MIDI keyboard as soon as I insert the synth.
  9. There are a lot of dumps over the past few days while I've been fooling around with this. None are in the Plugins subfolder of MiniDumps. How do I send them to you? Thanks.
  10. Revo Pro is an uninstaller utility. Do you mean by inserting Ultra Analog VA-3? Yes, it happens just by creating a projecting and inserting Ultra Analog VA-3 (Ultra Analog VA-3 loads a default preset when you insert it). If I then look at task manager without doing anything else, I watch the memory usage slowing creep up to 36GB, and until it reaches that, hitting a note on my MIDI keyboard does not produce a sound.
  11. Saw a post about changing the Thread Scheduling Model with the introduction of an "aggressive" option, so I decided to try Chromaphone 2 and Ulatra Analog VA-3 VTS3s with it set a 3. Both crashed. Setting at 0, 1, or 2 allowed me to run Chromaphone 2 as a VST3, but not Ultra Analog VA-3. It crashes under all settings. Still very frustrated, as this was working fine two weeks ago. And it seems odd that I can open projects created January 15 or prior that use the VA-3 VST3 with no problem - no spike in memory usage - but cannot insert a new instance.
  12. OK, stranger still... I uninstalled all of my AAS stuff that had VST3 versions using Revo Pro. Rebooted and reinstalled all. Chromaphone 2 worked again with sample rate of 48000 - good start. I guess the key was uninstalling with Revo Pro, which got rid of more stuff than a simple uninstall in Windows. However, Ultra Analog VA-3 still seemed to hang Cakewalk. I left a "new project" where I had merely inserted Ultra Analog in a project with 48000 sample rate open for about 6 hours while I was out at appointments. Seemingly in a hung status. When I came back, I touched a key on my MIDI keyboard and Ultra Analog responded with what I now recognize as its default preset when you open it. I double clicked and was able to operate my way through the VST's GUI - selected new patches, edited them, etc. Then I tried closing the project and it appeared to hang. After 30 seconds or so I opened task manager, and Cakewalk was using 25GB of memory (I have 48!). I watched the memory usage slowly decline to around 370MB, I think, and then the project closed. So I tried starting a new project (sample rate of 48000) and again the memory usage slowly (about 30MB per second, I think) increased until it leveled off at 36GB. Until then, there was no sound when I hit a key on the keyboard, but at 36GB I again got sound, could change and edit presets, etc.) Here's a screenshot of task manager at the point when the VST finally worked - what in the world is going on? (By the way, I can still open a project I created January 15, before I started having these issues, with no problems and Task Manager reports about 2.4GB memory usage.) Spo
  13. Should have left well enough alone. I tried rolling back my Focusrite drivers to the previous version. That did no good, but when I updated back to the current version, I lost Chromaphone 2 again for projects that use a 48000 sample rate. As before, a different error message altogether in the Windows error log from the one for VA-3. Thanks for pointing out the VST2 "workaround." But I wish this would work properly.
  14. I guess I'm lucky that they work with 44.1 sample rate, that Chromaphone 2 works fine with 48000 sample rate, and that both worked at first with 48000 sample rate, and that I can still run projects that were created with 48000 and contained VA-3 back when it was not a problem. I will try excluding the VST3 and see what happens. Wondering what your audio interface is. Mine is Focusrite 2i4.
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