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  1. Acronis for local backup, iDrive to back up files and folders. iDrive saves multiple versions of files, and I have it set to backup every night. It has saved me many times.
  2. When I run it, I can see which version of Kontakt, and Kontakt shows up as "Kontakt," not "K -" as in the one you show. For example, here's one that shows I used Kontakt 5.
  3. Actually, I think Projectscope will tell you what version is used in your project. See the link here in the old forum... http://forum.cakewalk.com/ProjectScope-helps-find-CWPs-and-keeps-them-organized-updated-to-Producer-Edition-m3218609.aspx?high=projectscope
  4. The problem with Native Instruments is that each major update is a different VST, so you have to keep all versions on your system for compatibility with "old" projects (which may just be a few weeks old if a new major NI release has been installed). Keep re-installing previous versions of Kontakt until you find the one you used.
  5. Using LX49 with no problems, other than my forgetfulness form time to time. You're following the instructions in the file Impact_LX_with_Cakewalk_Sonar.pdf file, right?
  6. That fixed it. Thanks. What unexpected things might happen now that I have that box unchecked?
  7. Is anyone using any of the Kontakt Play Series synths from NI such as "Analog Dreams?" I'm having an issue in Bandlab Cakewalk (and in SPLAT) with them. Select a patch. Create some MIDI input. Hit Play. Cakewalk plays the track one time. If you try to play it again, the track is silent, and the only way to get another "play" out of it is to select a different patch, then re-select the patch you actually want. I have to do this every single time. Do NOT have this issue in FL Studio and I haven't seen it on the NI forums, so I'm assuming it is unique to Cakelwalk / Sonar.
  8. If you just click on the row (note name, or if you're using drum maps, drum name) that you want to change, it will select all of that entire row. You can then change the velocity on all of them at once without leaving Piano Roll.
  9. I got it to work by opening in SPLAT, deleting a take that wasn't used, and saving it. But I do have a backup of it in the "problem state." Do you want to take a look at it?
  10. Thanks. I will be crying my eyes out, even though my wife has sternly instructed me not to blubber.
  11. I did two things and the project is working in Bandlab Cakewalk again: (i) closed PRV that the project would always open to in Bandlab CW and then re-saved the lens, and (2) opened the project in SPLAT and deleted one take lane that was muted and not going to be used.
  12. I seem to have no choice. Which is fine, just driving me a little crazy, and gives me slightly less confidence in Bandlab Cakewalk - that a version that has supposedly fixed many bugs since the last SPLAT has a bug that is not in SPLAT.
  13. Yeah. She seems genuinely happy with it. Didn't want to embarrass her.
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