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  1. I want to eq my drums so I add an eq effect onto the drum kit. I only want to affect the snare though not the entire drum kit. How do I add effects to different parts of the drum kit?
  2. Thanks for your help, turning of my keyboard in the MIDI outputs fixed the problem.
  3. Since I got cakewalk none of the built in SI instruments ever work. Things like the drum kit and electric piano. They don't make any sound no matter what I do. I have tried clicking on the piano in the plugin menu, inputting midi information or writing it in but nothing makes a sound. All other instruments I have downloaded work perfectly.
  4. The keyboard is attached via usb, my audio interface is a SubZero AI2 and my keyboard make is yamaha psr e333. The midi seems to be recorded properly and sound does come out of the vst but it is the sound of the vst layered on top of the sound of my keyboard which distorts it oddly. When I made the track I just dragged the plugin from the right into the tracks so I don't know what type it is. Thanks for your help
  5. When I try to record MIDI from my keyboard onto a virtual instrument it records the sound of the keyboard and not the virtual instrument. It records the midi notes fine but when I listen to it it makes the piano sound of the keyboard and not the high quality piano vst.
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