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  1. Managed on a PC, thanks! On another note... Might anyone be able to advise on the best way of replicating instrument sounds that were standard issue with sound cards such as Soundblaster and Soundblaster Pro from the mid-1990s? Would the specific midi instrument sounds be related to a soundbank (SBK) file or to the hardware? When I take old WRK files (now converted to MID) into Garage Band, the names of the original instruments still show up but the tracks link to different Garage Band instruments - and the available Garage Band instrument files are very different from the ones I remember using all that time ago... Basically wondering if the correct procedure is to import a SBK file that would have come with the original Soundblaster cards and then to relink tracks to sounds there? If so, does anyone have information on where one might be able to download such files?
  2. Thanks again scook. I will try to find someone with a PC who can then hopefully transfer files for me.
  3. I used to work on Cakewalk and Cakewalk Pro many years ago and am trying to access the .WRK files I still have from the time, for use on Garage Band, MusePro etc. I have tried to download and/or purchase various versions of Sonar, Cakewalk etc without any luck so far - new purchases no longer seem possible, and I also saw a message saying that software development has been discontinued. Does anyone have any simple suggestions as to how to transfer a .WRK file to a .MID one? Advice much appreciated!
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