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  1. Sorry for lack of explanation. I by slide things around I meant that I expanded the effect and made changes (by using the sliders in the compressors) and as I made the changes, still nothing happened. And yes they showed up in the bin.
  2. I know this probably is just my lack of knowledge, but how can I get audio fx to work on my tracks? I recorded an acoustic guitar with a mic through an audio track and tried to drop a compressor on it but nothing happened as I slide things around. I tried the same with a few different equalizers and still nothing. The only thing I can use is that tiny EQ plot in the console. Can anyone help?
  3. I just downloaded cakewalk yesterday and tried to test out a simple drum track. I'm not using a MIDI and am instead just clicking on the drum set on the screen for the SI-Drum kit 1. I armed the track and pressed the record button but when I stop the recording nothing happens. I can see the sound levels rise when I hit a drum when recording, but cakewalk seems to refuse to acknowledge that I'm playing when it comes to actually writing notes to the track. Can anyone help?
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