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  1. Adam DT

    sped up/chimpmunk glitch

    thank you so much! i had a look at the sample rates in both and couldn't see a discrepancy, but the problem seems to have stopped for now, so it might just be a ghost in the machine... fingers crossed it stays away!
  2. Adam DT

    sped up/chimpmunk glitch

    Hi, I'm new to cakewalk, so forgive me if this is an easy fix! I am in the middle of a project and i open up a separate window on my laptop (chrome or whatever). when i go back to my cakewalk project it plays back SUPER fast, like several times the speed. The tempo is still set the same, it just plays back really fast and high pitched. I've sort of gathered that this could be to do with the sample rate, but i've no idea how to change that, or what to, or how to stop it from happening! Any ideas would be fantastic :) thank you!
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