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  1. Thanks all, You put me in right direction, I was looking for it in all the wrong places. FYI, in addition to the plug-in capability, SFORZANDO did the job too.
  2. Hi everybody, I was wondering if there is a way to master tune a VST (Soft Synth) for live performance in cakewalk.(i.e 428 HZ) Thanks, Sam PS: My midi controller doesn't have this option
  3. Hi Heinz, The first sentence in your comment helped me to solve the problem, I was trying to fix it in Synth Track only. Thanks so much. Saeed
  4. Hi , I am new to Cakewalk and am hoping somebody can help me on the shifting ovate up and down while using VST instrument for live performance. I am an intermediate pianist and use Piano VSTs for playing/practicing. I recently installed free IOWA piano VST .The quality of samples are not the best in the world but is very good for a free VST ,in particular I liked the singing of high and mid registers similar to an acoustic piano, however there is a problem with this VST which it is offset -1 octave when I play with my Roland FP-30. The shifting octave works on MIDI tracks using Inspector or on recorded audio tracks using Transpose in Process menu, however it did notwork for live performance . Also I tried to shift octave on the Roland FP-30 first then load the VST, it did not work either. Is any idea how o fix this issue? Thanks, Saeed
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