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  1. Thanks folks! I will check it out
  2. Don't see anywhere to do any of the things suggested except maybe running a VST scan. Platinum required nothing it just worked. could I have a more step by Step and where to find these things. Platinum just worked. If you said insert it just inserted. what is a sort by list and where do I find it? where is VST preferences?
  3. I have become addicted to addictive drums I used it on every project for the last several years. It was included with Sonar Platinum in the past. It is a VST instument. I can still use Sonar Platinum. Addictive Drums will run on Sonar Platinum, But not Sonar by Bandlab. Doesn't matter how many VST scans you do. shouldn't be too hard if it used to work and now doesn't. Can't get an answer on this and it's a major problem if Sonar Platinum is ever discontinued
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