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  1. Hi all, new to cakewalk and DAW's on general. It's been a lot more difficult than anticipated and I'm on day 5 and still struggling in a major way to even create sound, nonetheless create something halfway listenable. My included VST plugins don't show up in the browser under instruments like they do for people on YouTube. They show up under the audio FX in a folder marked "Uncategorized". As a result, I can't drag and drop into tracks pane to create a new instrument track, (SI drums for instance). I'm not sure if this is causing my inability to get any of the plugins to work? If I set up an instrument track and drag SI Strings for example into the fx section in the inspector panel, I can hear them fine in the plug-in tab, but when I go to piano roll or drum map manager they show that they are playing, but no audio thru my headphones from the AI. This is the same for all vst plugins. Any advice would be appreciated, Thanks
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