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  1. Hello. For Bandlab assistant, I can't seem to figure out how to scroll down on the filters for searching loops. It looks like there are more filters underneath Cabasa, Celeste, and Chimes but I can't scroll down to see them. Can anyone else figure it out? I've attached an image below. Thanks in advance!
  2. Sounds good thank you everyone for the tips! I will make sure to ask if I have any additional questions.
  3. OH Nevermind I just changed the project and it worked. For some reason that project was just not wanting to play anything. Sorry I am completely new to all this so it might have been an easy fix I don't know. For future reference, do you know what I might have done to cause this?
  4. Thank you @wunderbier and @Promidi for your suggestions. To clarify some things, I am able to get music out of other media players on my computer like youtube. I have checked and made sure that I had installed the most recent drivers and I did an entire system update to my computer. I was unable to increase the buffer size (it was greyed out) . I put in an mp3 file in the audio track to test the sound but I still doesn't play. Thank you for the images and I tried to model the same settings you had and still no luck. I attached my audio settings below. Also, one thing I forgot to mention that may be important is that every time I open the project it says that the master bus is applied to a silent hardware output. This could be a very easy fix but I've just tried everything it seems like.
  5. Hello. I am, for the most part, new to Cakewalk and DAW's in general and I can't seem to get any sound out of Cakewalk no matter what I do. I do not have a separate audio card and I am just using my windows computer's sound card for now. I know that the sound doesn't work because I've tried messing around with the virtual instruments but I have had no luck. I can't seem to hear anything from cakewalk. I've tried changing the Driver Mode many times, I've tried changing the sampling rate and using the Wave Profiler to verify the sample rate. I've tried to make sure that I have the Correct Input and Output devices checked. It feels like I've tried everything and still no luck. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
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