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  1. Cakewalk keeps crashing on me. This is a new development as it has been an extremely stable DAW. I'm attaching a jpg of the error message and would appreciate any help as I have no idea how I go from being a "user" to an "admin!" Am I better off just sticking with Sonar 8.5?? Thanks, Brian
  2. Thanks for responding David. While I don't use USB MIDI Devices, it did make me think of some other potential areas that might cause the problem. I had exported the piece I wanted to record in Cakewalk as a MIDI exported file out of Finale. I was saving all my changes as a MIDI file. When I set up a few instruments in GPO and saved as a *.cwp all was right with the world. I even shut down the computer to see if that would change things but it all behaved as it should. Maybe now I'll be able to change the CC7 data to CC1 so I can get it to play nice with GPO! Thanks again for your assistance, Brian
  3. I am losing the I/O, MIDI channel assignments, SoftSynths, etc... after I have saved and later revisited the project. I am launching Cakewalk through BandAssistant. Any help would be appreciated as a whole weekend of work just went down the drain! Brian
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