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  1. Hi! Thanks for responding. No meter activity in Cakewalk except when playing back existing files. My individual channels are routed to a Stereo Master buss which is routed to an interface. Output from Cakewalk is not a problem. I can playback existing files . Currently, I have the Focusrite hooked up but it's been fine playing back through the X32, Focusrite, as well as the laptop's onboard sound "card". I do not have Insert Echo activated, except maybe by accident. Master Buss is set for playback through Focusrite at the moment. No problem there. Cheers, Joe
  2. Tried two different interfaces (Behringer x32 and Focusrite Scarlett 2i4). Both show input coming in and both devices are seen by "Preferences" in Cakewalk "Edit" pulldown . Only one device was hooked up at a time. The X32 has a USB multitrack I/O card and the settings seem correct. For those familiar with the x32, I have the X_UF card and the Left channel of output 1 is being sent to track 1 of the Cakewalk session file which has that selected as it's input. There's not much to configure on the Focusrite. Same results with both. Any ideas?
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