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  1. I bought this some time ago for $20, but it was a waste of money. The samples are ok, but the VST plugins are horrible. They are *very* memory intensive, and not multi-timbral. So if you score a 12-piece orchestra, you have to load 12 instances and might already run out of memory. The mod wheel should do dynamics (according to the specs!), but it just doesn't do anything. It regularly crashes my DAW (both Samplitude and Cubase, haven't tried it in Cakewalk yet). Sonivox is aware of the problems, but they don't care about it. They just keep selling this stuff for low prices year after year, with the same bugs.
  2. The A key doesn't work in staff view. I'm now using Markers to indicate sections, but would prefer to use the Arranger sections here.
  3. When composing in staff view, it would be of value to see the arranger sections. So some kind of arranger track at the top of the view would be great, even if it's just a read-only track.
  4. I was too late to read your original question, but yes, the eye means 'show/don't show that track in the staff view'. I know it can be done in CW using the Tracks>Pick Tracks menu item, but using the track pane is much more convenient.
  5. The track pane in the staff view currently only shows a list of tracks that are selected. It would be great if this pane could be extended to list all tracks, with tick boxes to switch tracks on/off. And maybe some other options as well, such as solo and mute. See this image from Reaper, where the staff of each track can be switched on/off using the 'eye' icon.
  6. It's a paid upgrade for 3.0 users (€30 for the Elements upgrade, €60 for the Pro upgrade)
  7. Download #5 is now live: S One and The GridMachine Collection
  8. +1 Would love to be able to switch off the dock.
  9. arjanm

    Colored clip backgrounds

    Manually changing the colors in the clip properties is a workaround indeed. And it's possible to change multiple clips at once by selecting them all. Still it would be nice to have a program option to just swap the colors by default.
  10. arjanm

    Colored clip backgrounds

    Is there an option to reverse the clip colors, so the background of the clip is colored, rather than the contents? See this screenshot with Cubase on the left and Cakewalk on the right, both using the same color coding for the clips. I find the Cubase screen much easier to work with.
  11. Thanks, putting an empty midi track above sounds like the best option for now.
  12. It works fine with named workspaces indeed, it's just a problem with the "None" workspace. The reason I use the "None" workspace is because I want the application to remember the preferred state without having to save the workspace (because I just keep forgetting to save it after every little change I make😄). I think with named workspaces there's no autosave option, while with the None workspace it automatically saves it.
  13. This is a weird issue. I'm not using named workspaces, and I don't use the multidock. All windows (piano roll, mixer, staff view) are maximized non-floating MDI windows. After saving a project and exiting Cakewalk, the windows are still maximized upon next load of a project. Except when using the staff view as the last view. When saving a project with the staff view as maximized window in the front, all windows are un-maximized when the project is opened. I'm using CbB 2020.04 on Win10. State just before saving: State after restarting Cakewalk and opening the same project
  14. In the staff view, when there are very high notes on the first staff, they're falling of the screen. The vertical scroll bar can't scroll up any more. I've looked at the layout options, but couldn't find a way to get these notes into view. Thanks, Arjan
  15. https://www.spitfireaudio.com/info/faq/bbc-symphony-orchestra/#discover "Why would I pay if I can get it for free? At Spitfire Audio we support our musicians by paying them royalties on the products we sell, as well as any initial costs at all recordings, so any revenue made from this product will help fund the musicians who feature on the library."
  16. Hmm, but it says "BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover out of your budget? Complete the questionnaire below and we'll send you a FREE download after 14 days." So not sure if you should get if for free if you want to, or only if you have no money...
  17. Download #3 is now up: S One and The Slice Bundle – Disturbed Grooves & ReLoop Atmospheres
  18. I missed it too, and the page wasn't archived at archive.org unfortunately.
  19. "So whilst all of us have to stay in-doors we thought it would be good to give you something new to play with. So to that end we will be giving away kontakt instruments from our back catalogue, as well as the single voice version of our VST/AU shaping synth S-One. We plan on releasing one at a time – so make sure you call back every few days to see what else is free." Download 1 - S-One and The Slice Bundle - Red House Download 2 – S One and The Slice Bundle - DnB Download 3 – S One and The Slice Bundle – Disturbed Grooves & ReLoop Atmospheres Download 4 – S One and The Slice Bundle – DubStep & Electric Elements Download 5 – S One and The GridMachine Collection Download 6 – S One and TheDrumFactory Collection Download 7 – S One, The Modernist Xylophone(Kontakt) & The Modernist Glock(Kontakt) https://channelrobot.com/covid-19-stayhome/
  20. It's released now: https://www.magix.com/int/music/samplitude/pro-x/
  21. The LABS libraries are small enough, but their bigger libraries might not fit all on the same drive. This way you can spread them among different drives.
  22. Got an update for Strings 2 today (v1.0.2), and the #1 errors are gone now.
  23. Same discounts are now on the Ableton site as well, until May 20th
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