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  1. It's summer and you're ready to get to work on some music.  You're sitting down to write a song.  Perhaps you're looking for that one particular sound to give your latest project something special.  Either way, or anywhere in between in the process of creating great music for video, for games, for your band, your next live streaming set, or even just for yourself, you can count on SampleTank 4 to be the virtual instrument workstation that will take you there.  Right now, you can do it all for even less money.  From June 4th through July 2nd, 2020, get up to 35% 50% off SampleTank 4.  This includes upgrades, boxed (USB) versions, and you can use your JamPoints to save even more!




  2. Nice one!

    Any idea how to download the DVD? On page 11 there's a link to the download site (https://bit.ly/BeatDL174), but there's a security question "please enter the second word of the big headline on page 66". I guess they mixed up the German/English ones, as the second word from the English version doesn't work.

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  3. I'm following the advice from https://www.askwoody.com/, so I've changed the Windows Update advanced settings to defer security updates by about 10 days, and the half yearly feature updates by 180 days. That should save a lot of trouble, as any problematic updates can be fixed or withdrawn by Microsoft before my computer downloads them.

    So I guess I'll be getting the 20.04 update in November :)

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  4. I think it's a bug - a minimized floating window appears as a little title bar on in the bottom left corner of other windows like PRV. It's so annoying that I don't minimize floating windows anymore.

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  5. Ok, I guess this one might be a bit too much work to build as the staff view is not that popular, but I would love to have a combined PRV and Staff view, like the screen shot below.

    I like working in the staff view as I'm classically trained. But having the CC lanes in view is quite essential, seeing and changing the velocity and modulation without having to right click each note. Also some actions, like changing the length of a note, are much easier in the PRV than in the staff view. So having all combined would be great.

    (BTW, this screen shot is from Samplitude)


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