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  1. Now sure what exactly u mean by proper scaling but in CbB you can dock mixer to the multidock and use keys D and Shift +D to view and hide the dock. You can also float the dock and then do the same incase you wanna see the mixer full screen without the control bar and other views.
  2. So I just zoom in to check whether the loop is placed perfectly on the grid and this opens up several issues. I'm not sure whether this is a display issue or a bigger issue. I Zoom in (really microscopic to the extent the smart grid turns to 1 sample) and a few weired things start to happen. 1)Firstly the grid line disappears. 2)I am not able to movie the clips or place the now time precisely at the place where CbB ruler says the the 2nd bar is(Or any other bar I try, but i didnt came across the same issue when I tried this in bar 4 & 7 so I guess this is specific to some measures.) 3)Prior to zooming in the now time stays at the precise 2nd bar but if I move it after zooming in it wont get placed in the same place again. 4)The waveform in side the clips appears displaced from its original location. Its really messy this ain't the first time I noticed this, have came across this soo many times but today it was really annoying coz it was hindering my workflow. I always thought its a display issue in the gui but today while trying to loop some bars it created fade out to the nearby clips although the loops are exactly 1measure long with the same tempo. So I zoomed in to see what the issue is and its a real mess. One of these issues seems to disappear(displaced waveform Issue no 4.) if I turn the Looping on in Grove clip properties Not able to recreate this issue when the tempo is kept at 120. Happens in various projects though. My current project is 138bpm. It might be a little hard to write what I am facing. May I just ask you to open an empty project and change the bpm to 138. Now import a audio loop or something and try to keep it somewhere, lets say bar 2. now keep the now time at bar 2 and zoom in really hard to check whether the loop is kept precisely at bar 2 you will come across all sorts of complications I am going through. Hope its a known bug or there is some explanation why this happens. Another display issue I have seen a many times in Sonar is the Waveform in clips show as if there is data at the end of clips when kept at a particular horizontal zoom in/out level. Clips look fine when kept at other zoom levels.
  3. I do think marketing had never been top notch even when Gibson or others had us. Bandlab can sure gear up the marketing now coz its easy to sell "A superior DAW thats free!" But do they really care abt it? coz they are not actually selling it just giving away for free. Gosh! Regarding CbB sounding superior to studio one. I had the same experience. Yet all null tests indicates they are same. One thing to notice is that S1 uses different pan law which can influence your mixes. The null tests indicate that the data remains the same inside both daws but either they do sound different or its all abt the GUI that makes people think so(and thats totally possible!). To me studio one's interface although great, feels too digital and binary unlike CbB interface which keeps me all inspired while working.
  4. To OP's question Is Cakewalk gaining users/popularity with Bandlab? Its hard to say unless Bandlab provies some data regarding how many new downloads of CbB happened through Bandlab. Anyway one thing we can do is keep track of the num of youtube views for cakewalk tutorials num of facebook likes for Cakewalk page etc etc. I once did a count on the fanbase of various DAW's facebook pages. This count I did post Sonar's doom by Gibson on Dec 2017. If someone is curious enough he can check how much of change has happened in the fan count of these pages. I'm curious to know but lazy to check. This is the facebook fanbase of these official facebook pages on Dec 3 2017. Cakewalk Soft 143k Presonus 218k Pro Tools 140K Avid 185K Steinberg 203K Ableton 622k Ableton Live 253k
  5. It seems some of these low end models have poor quality management, my GX61 keybed was pretty hard like piano keys yet totally uninspiring to play with terrible plastiky springy responce . I sent it back. Recently i met a friend of mine who had the same model and when i tried playing on it it had a pretty decent synth responce. The keys were much easy to press. This and a few more experiences demoing midi controllers in shops makes me think these manufactures have very little quality control and they keep experimenting with the responses often. I found varying responses in m-audio keybeds accross the keys in diff octaves in the same keybed . Also some of the maudio keystation keybeds have very hard black keys and some of them are fine to press but if you happen to buy the fine to press boards they are gonna give you some strange velocity problem while pressing the black keys. Its pretty messed up, I'm speaking from my own experience and lots reviews I found online also agrees with it. But who knows you might have a smooth experience, however make sure you buy from a shop that accepts returns. My retailer charged me 15% for using it. These manufactures are playing with quality in case of midi controllers. The low end Yamaha and Casio keyboards actually come with a 3year warranty. Which shows their level of quality maintenance compared with these so called midi controller manufactures.
  6. The biggest lesson I learned in buying a keyboard controller is always try them before buying. If keybed action is something you care about on then dont listen to any opinion coz everyone likes different keyboard action. For eg: There are tons of good review and opinions on the keyboard action of Nectar Impact series and M audio Keystation series and I bought both of these one after the other and totally disliked them. I would say even the bottom range of Yamaha PSR and Casio CTK has much better keys. Now im saving money on buying something else my options are Novation slmk3 or NI Komplete A Series or S series. Which ever it is I'm not gonna buy before I demo them. If you are looking for Hammer action you better off buying a digital piano, the casio privia and yamaya p115 are good ones, even better choices Roland FP30 and Kawai ES110. Always demo before buying. These dont come with mod wheel and pitch bend though. If controlling CbB with pads, knobs, and faders is your necessity then there is a wide range of options all with soo many pros and cons. The nectar impact is very good in that but the keybed sucks. But who knows you might like it.
  7. I see You might also try checking whether you have applied any manual offset or timing offset in preferences > audio> sync and caching. By default they should be in 0.
  8. Try setting the driver mode to ASIO as the audio driver in preferences >Audio>Playback and Recording. Then go to preferences>Audio>Driver Settings and adjust the buffer size by clicking the ASIO Panel, you should be able to get a minimum of 200-500samples round trip latency atleast.
  9. I don't know what your exact scenario is but in my experience most people recording audio in DAW think it is required to play everything in impeccable timing or quantize it. In reality your recording will sound much better with a natural timing. I have quantized several tracks and end up choosing the original recording always. Although there will be some two to three notes that need editing, in my case .
  10. I vote for merging the two. Btw, the old forum had better way to access My posts, recent posts, subscribed posts etc..
  11. Just play from 8:10, Claudio plays the pizzagogo patch and the enya song. 💓 D50. The whole video is totally worth watching. Edit: Just noticed Colin already posted the same video. btw I tried the same patch in roland cloud D50 its very close and almost identical, you can try it if you badly need the same sound without buying a D50.
  12. So much of scook's replies in cakewalk threads has helped me on many occasions. I would like to say a heartful thanks. Thank you Scook. Btw are you in gearsluts? I do find a familiar guy named Scoox there.
  13. Hello all! I was at first skeptical of the new forum coz you know I was worried how its gonna be. But this looks soo cool. Love it 🎊
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