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  1. Hi all, and thanks for this update I also had the install problem some others did, here is 1/ what it was, and 2/ how it got solved with no pain : 1/ Using bandlab assistant to clic on "update" did the download, but then got stuck at the "installing..." step. I tried twice. 2/ After a reboot, I did the clic on the "update" message from Cakewalk (blue message), not from the assistant, and everything went fine. If this can help.
  2. OK it was not so hard... In the plugin manager, on the top-right of the window, we've got a function to backup and restore those categories disposition. The backup makes a .pgl file, wich is a text file with xml text inside.
  3. Hello, I just spent some time to put the expected category on all of my plugins, to find them easier when required. Some time ago, I did it already, but all my actions where lost on a BandLab Cakewalk update. To prevent this to append again, does anyone know how I can make a backup of my plugin/category associations ?
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