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  1. No I don't. It had graphics like the boost11 or those kinda knobs like that tube leveler in the video. So I assume it came out somewhen around that era of plugin. It basically was kind of a pre amp with some "air" knob maybe some reverb and eq. There was a whole series of those plugins back in the day somewhere in the fx folder in sonar platinum.🙄
  2. That's definitely not that one. That one was probably way older than the VX-64. Thanks Tho!
  3. Hi guys, I'm desperately trying to find one old Vocal plugin which was on some older sonar version buried in fx suite. It had a similar design as the Boost 11 so I guess it was out of those series and it came with presets as individual vst named BC vocals male, BC vocals female etc., if I remember correctly. It had some tube preamp build in it, reverb (not sure tho) and some air control. Anyone any idea what that was and if yes then if possible to get it somewhere. That thing could get such a clarity out of your mic like any other plugin I've ever came across. Grateful to anyone who'd have an idea. Thanks very much!
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