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  1. Again thank you, didn't mean to make ya type so much. Yes, I've ran it with the fx off and that lowers the problems,but it's still an issue. To cut to the chase all my research, forum chatting and personal experience tells me Bandlab Cake walk is simply Junk. I purchased a perpetual license of Pro Tools last night. This is my living, I have to have rock solid performance. Again, thanks so much, I learn from everyone. -C
  2. I'm with you. There is a reason that every studio Ive ever worked in runs Pro Tools. Still glad i ordered the SSD. Big thanks to all who provided input, Ciao
  3. Hey Bob, Yes, everything possible is up to date. And no, I have not tried running without efx. I understand that from a diagnostic approach, but real world I can't mix without a certain amount turned on. I pretty much took a break from testing yesterday, just research and conversation with @NSFW. I just changed up some buffer settings and will be testing in a bit. I did order a DEll NVMe Optain drive, that will arrive on Friday. Btw, I use Brainworx SSL e quite a bit, my understanding is it has minimal drag on the CPU. You know anything about that plug? Thanks again, and what day is it? -Cary
  4. I really like my AKG K 612 pros. $ 200 at Sweetwater. Overall I think there a good value. I would say that they are a little light in the bottom end, if you mix a thumping low end in them, it will be too much in the car, but you have to learn how lots of gear translates. -Cary
  5. ...and that was because the Steinberg was not turned on..... have set to1024, will test soon. Whoa, look at the time, late for a nap... be back soon. -Cary
  6. Here are the tweaks, and I also uninstalled anything to do with Dell support per some Dell forums. Windows-Optimization(1).pdf
  7. Gentlemen, I can't seem to find where I changed a buffer setting from 512 to 768, my notes say ASIO panel. I did find under File System Playback I/O buffer size setting at 256 and record I/O buffer size at 256 as well. Also, below that there is a box for manual offset which is set at zero, a checked box that says use ASIO reported latency and 528 in that box. I would upload pictures but I don't know how to make them small enough. as always, thanks, -Cary
  8. Lol, I thought you said "Octane". Back at ya, -Cary S
  9. I will backtrack this and let you know what I was talking about, I may have been looking at something else. - Cary
  10. Wow, you guys truly rock. Another member, John @StudioNSFW called me this morning and we had a great chat. The general consensus at the moment is my bottleneck is I/O. John has sent my a load of info which I will be opening in a bit. To condense the conversation he believes if I swap out the internal mech. hard drive for a SSD, also add internally a NVMe drive ( i can't explain exactly what that does ) I should be good to go. Tell me if you agree that it's no coincidence that this problem got super bad mixing on a large project ( by my standards ). This one is 58 tracks. I'm a believer in "less is more" when it comes to plug in's, but I use what the track requires. For example I have a part with four tracks of stacked, dirty rhythm guitar sent to an aux channel. I'm using zero processing on the individual tracks, getting a blend with just levels then the aux has my go to channel strip the Brainworx SSl 4000e plug. I will also use the SSL linked on the master bus. And of course I'll use whatever else I need when required on individual track. But overall I really try to get the sound I'm looking for when tracking. And of course my bus's have the usual suspects for modulation, verb and delays. I'm hybrid in a small way, I get a lot of bang for my buck with my Warm WA 2A and Daking Mic-Pre one. Again, thanks so much for all your help, I'll be in touch throughout the day as I try to mix and suss out these upgrades. Cary
  11. Hi Robert, Yes, I'll send you a list of the tweaks. Most came from the sweetcare tips at Sweetwater, some from this forum. Last thing I did to day was uninstall " Bonjour" (Apple product ). I agree with your tips and like your self I'm not concerned about a few extra seconds for the transport to go. I'm aware of the FX global delete but had not tried that. I try to be smart with my plugins, but the CPU drag adds up. I must say big thanks to the response I've had today, first time here. reviewing your DAW and PC build it looks like you know a little about hot rod PC's. I"ll be sure and show you the specs on my future build. I'm just an old analog guy, made my living as an engineer in Canada in the late '80's, but switched back to bass where I started my career and ran with that till last year. Most of my bread and butter has dried up, just a workin cat from Vegas. ( If your paying, I'm playing ) . Strictly commercial. And guess what, new prob. I just tried to close that project and it won't. Just gives me a " general error" with a yellow warning sign. Never saw that before. sigh, the torture will continue till morale improves. Take care, Cary S.
  12. Agreed again, I went from a buffer playback setting of 512 to 768 about 2 hours ago. No change. And yeah, no SSD, It's old school. I'm pretty sure $2000 will solve my prob. I've got the new PC build on paper. If you wanna loan me the coin, I'll be sure and drop your name when I pick up my "best engineered album" Grammy next year. Thanks again, If you ever need any tips on recording live anything, hit me up. Or splicing tape, I was pretty good at that. - Cary
  13. Thanks for the link, that manual is was open on my Ipad as we speak. I really appreciate any input, I've been digging deep for a few days before I hit this forum up.
  14. Am I just asking to much of my wimpy laptop? My latest project is larger then my average. 57 tracks, no virtual instruments and plenty of automation. Dell lap, i5 7200 U, 16 GB ram. Trust me, I'm saving my $$ for more PC.
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