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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I still can't replicate it even with the Fantom switched off and with this particular project. The issue applied specifically to a re-opened project with midi outs to Fantom (via Steinberg UR44) and Addictive Drums. Maybe it has something to do with what Robert suggested because obviously when this happened I re-routed the relevant midi tracks to the Fantom outputs and maybe doing that has solved the issue. And adding another one or two soft synths hasn't changed that. Re-opening the project now everything is fine. I have noticed this behaviour before and will post here again if the same ithing happens and if I can replicate it. Otherwise problem solved. Thanks guys.
  2. Hmmmm....interesting. I can't reproduce this when I create other projects. It just seems to happen with this particular project I'm working on. Strange.
  3. Midi out on track 1 set to my Fantom X instrument definition, e.g. piano. Insert Addictive Drums (or any other soft synth) and my Fantom X output on track 1 defaults to Addictive Drums. Why? What am I doing wrong?
  4. Problem solved! Thanks to Star Tekh. This is what I did:- Flashed bios to 1802 update. Reinstalled original Asus (Intel) chipset drivers. CbB works completely normally as does everything else. So it seems to have been a chipset driver issue. Many thanks everyone for your input.
  5. Well in the interests of trying to get to the bottom of this I'll try it again and this time pay attention to the chipset driver - although I thought I had updated that too. (Did I say I wasn't going to do this ever again?). And if CbB repeats its behaviour I'll try and get a screencapture of the lightning fast popu-ups as Neil suggests. StarTekh, thanks for the input and I'll let everyone know what happens. I'm trying to get a song finished as well.......
  6. Well I've taken the line of least resistance and rolled back the bios to the previous version and - session drummer roll please - CbB is now back to normal. I am never updating the bios ever again.
  7. Okay, this is now getting technical - how do I go about that?
  8. Yep, did all that. I'm watching for other issues but so far everything - soft synths, midi, audio, tracking etc all working fine in Platinum.
  9. Yes, well, possibly you are correct. However as everything else is working normally I'll probably revert to Sonar Platinum.
  10. ......like always keep drivers and os and bios updated to the latest versions? So I updated my bios yesterday (Asus Prime 370A board with i7 8700 cpu, 32gb ram, 4 x pcie nvme hard drives plus assorted sata ssds, using Asus integrated graphics, running Windows 10). And CbB is now unusable. Terribly slow opening, seconds delay responding to input - and throwing up small windows pop-ups which flash on and off so quickly I can't read what they say. Now the really interesting thing is that Sonar Platinum still works fine and another well-known programme beginning with C and ending with e also works normally. All the usual drivers are visible and working normally in these two progs. I thought a reinstall of CbB would do it but, no, still the same issue after doing that. And I can't even get at the Preferences menu to try to find out what may or may not be going on. I guess I could roll back the bios to the previous version.......
  11. Agreed. There is such a thing as over-producing using Melodyne. I hold my hands up - guilty as charged. Melodyne will not make an iffy vocal into a good vocal (will it?). What I think the multitrack version does brilliantly is help tighten up timing. Being able to see the blobs for each track and adjust them is great. But the tuning needs real care and attention and I always tend to overdo it before either going back to the original or re-record the take. Interestingly I am using v. 4.2 and because of the way I work with it haven't come upon any real problems other than the algorithm detection being inconsistent.
  12. Well reading this thread has prompted me to sort out my screensets. Due to time and work pressures I just hadn't used them and always wondered why when I hit, e.g. M for Mixing Console it would always come up in a smallish window which then needs resizing. I now know that screensets remember the sizes of things like the mixer, prv, score (staff) and so on. Thank you forum. Looked at and learned about lenses and I now understand what they are intended for but I for me personally I haven't a use fopr them and will stick with screensets on their own.
  13. Yes, in the spirit of 'If it can go wrong it will go wrong' the only one I would quibble with is S - split clips at now time. It's terribly easy to hit D for MultiDock, finger slips, and when I next look at the screen I wonder what on earth has gone on. I always like single key shortcuts to be non-destructive to avoid destruction.
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