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  1. Peter C

    Valley Of The Rye

    Thanks Tom, I think maybe comments are turned off, need a course in toutubey stuff.
  2. Peter C

    Valley Of The Rye

    Mark, thanks. I really do appreciate everyone's comments as does Cheryl. There was a fair bit of angst involved in the songwriting process, it went through about 6 re-writes followed by about 6 arrangements tried and ditched. I think there were three separate visits to Rievaulx for inspiration and video shoots. One of the challenges was how to get footage without people in. The last time we went was just before Lockdown 1 when we were about the only ones there. But we still ended up with people in shot, cue a few happy hours in Photoshop and Blender. Now what are we doing next......I have an idea for Scarborough Castle......
  3. Peter C

    Valley Of The Rye

    Aaaahhhhh...such ignorance. I'm ashamed to say I have never read it - time to add to my reading list - to discover why it would have the special and sad meaning for the protagonist. Maybe CbB should start a virtual bookshop section. 😀 Many thanks for everyone's positive comments which I will pass on to Paige.
  4. Peter C

    Valley Of The Rye

    Appreciated. Maybe I should mention..... Instruments from East West Voices of Empire, Symphonic Choirs and Symphony Orchestra and Storm Drum. Bass from Kontakt Factory Library, the arpeggio sound and a small amount of choir from Roland Complete Orchestra. Recorded, mixed and mastered entirely in CbB with a little help from Waves and Izotope plugins. Oh, and backing vocs from Cheryl & me! And she produced the video😀
  5. Peter C

    Valley Of The Rye

    Oh, cool, really appreciated man. Yes, lots of people have commented on Paige's voice, really well suited to the song.
  6. Peter C

    Valley Of The Rye

    It's only taken 2 years from concept to 'finish' 😂
  7. Y-e-e-e-e-s.......at my age that may be no bad thing! Thanks everyone for the contributions, that's interesting. The singer I'm working with at the moment has a great voice but used a sm57a mic which apparently is noted for its boxy sound on recorded vocals with harsh sibilants. That essentially is what I've got to work with . I used the AI to reference the backing track and it certainly warmed things up and really embedded the vocal within the whole track - too much for my liking so I did pull it back up. And it wasn't so good at toning down the sibilants although that's always a fine line and usually involves me going through the vocal take with some volume automation. So in a way it did the opposite to what's been described. But this is a classical-style track. Kevin, I haven't tried Neutron, I find mixing instrumental tracks a lot easier than vocals.....it's always the vocals.......... However I'll look that too. Thanks for the suggestion. I also take noynekker's point about it providing a starting point.
  8. Thought I'd download the trial, tried it out on a female vocal I'm currently working on. Used the AI assistant to get started.....and in less than a minute it produced at least as good a result (to my ears) as what I had spent hours on tweaking and twisting the different elements. What really impressed me was the EQ analysis which performed subtractive editing on identified resonant frequencies and then with a second eq smoothed out those results and gave the vocal a subtle 'lift'. What was also quite reassuring for me really was how my labours with all the separate elements with Waves and other plugins did eventually yield a result pretty close to the AI. Amazing really but...but....but......is there a danger that if we all start using AI as the easy way out - which I guess it is - that all our vocal tracks will start to have that horrible vocal similarity which (IMHO) afflicts many current chart hits???? I would also be interested to hear about other experiences of Nectar.
  9. Thought I'd post this work-around as I've noticed a few of us have had this problem. Even though Rapture Session (64 bit) is installed correctly from Command Center, it only runs in demo mode with interruptions to sound every 30 secs or so. Over a week or two a long conversation took place with Mike at technical support (who was excellent) who took me through various possibilities which I tried and nothing worked. It seemed my pc was not writing the authorisation file for some reason. It's called Abbadon.cxa and was not appearing here:- ProgramData\Cakewalk\Rapture Session\Command Center. Literally all web filters, firewalls, anti-virus, unnecessary programs were disabled and yet still the problem persisted. On a whim I tried installing the 32-bit version and that did indeed write the authorisation file. Uninstalled the 32-bit version, re-installed the 64 bit version and that must have recognised Abbadon written by the 32-bit version and it's out of demo mode. Success! Hope this may help anyone else who has struggled with this.
  10. Interesting, thanks for taking the time to listen and comment. I hadn't actually thought about the Enya comparison, possibly you are too kind about my lead vocal! I'll take on board the lyrics thing when the finished version goes out.
  11. Thanks man, appreciated.
  12. Link now removed - song undergoing further development! How many versions do yours go through before you are finally happy....if ever.....???? A departure from our usual style. I'm thinking it needs an Enya-style female lead. Any comments / suggestions welcome. This is also a return to working primarily in CbB which I have to say is so much more stable than in the past.
  13. Thanks Scook, that's done it. And thanks Robert for your inpout as well. How could I have missed that........
  14. Aside from the UR44 are there any other entries in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ASIO Oh yes, the darne thing is there. I guess I should delete it
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