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  1. Interesting, thanks for taking the time to listen and comment. I hadn't actually thought about the Enya comparison, possibly you are too kind about my lead vocal! I'll take on board the lyrics thing when the finished version goes out.
  2. Thanks man, appreciated.
  3. Link now removed - song undergoing further development! How many versions do yours go through before you are finally happy....if ever.....???? A departure from our usual style. I'm thinking it needs an Enya-style female lead. Any comments / suggestions welcome. This is also a return to working primarily in CbB which I have to say is so much more stable than in the past.
  4. Thanks Scook, that's done it. And thanks Robert for your inpout as well. How could I have missed that........
  5. Aside from the UR44 are there any other entries in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ASIO Oh yes, the darne thing is there. I guess I should delete it
  6. Well I can see that driver (Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO (3 in, 3 out) and I can select it but it doesn't stick.
  7. ....which Cakewalk insists on defaulting to (Preferences > sync and caching > record latency adjustment) instead of my Steinberg UR44. When I select the UR44 option and hit apply it doesn't - just defaults back to realtek. Clean install of CW. I've looked at previous posts about this and no-one really seemed to solve it. The on-board realtek audio has been disabled in the bios. The realtek driver has been uninstalled (and hasn't magically been reinstalled while I've not been looking). I have edited the AUD.ini file in appdata/roaming/cakewalk/cakewalkcore and deleted all references to the realtek audio. So it appears Cakewalk is referencing something which isn't there. Audio performance appears fine with usual latency when recording. I have thrown every softsynth I could lay my hands on in a test project and CW stood up well. I should also add I am using the ASIO driver for the UR44. And when realtek shows up that is also shown as realtek asio. Interestingly when I go back to the AUD.ini file the reference to realtek has reappeared. In Device Manager the on-board realtek audio is not shown at all. Any ideas?????? Anyone?????
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I still can't replicate it even with the Fantom switched off and with this particular project. The issue applied specifically to a re-opened project with midi outs to Fantom (via Steinberg UR44) and Addictive Drums. Maybe it has something to do with what Robert suggested because obviously when this happened I re-routed the relevant midi tracks to the Fantom outputs and maybe doing that has solved the issue. And adding another one or two soft synths hasn't changed that. Re-opening the project now everything is fine. I have noticed this behaviour before and will post here again if the same ithing happens and if I can replicate it. Otherwise problem solved. Thanks guys.
  9. Hmmmm....interesting. I can't reproduce this when I create other projects. It just seems to happen with this particular project I'm working on. Strange.
  10. Midi out on track 1 set to my Fantom X instrument definition, e.g. piano. Insert Addictive Drums (or any other soft synth) and my Fantom X output on track 1 defaults to Addictive Drums. Why? What am I doing wrong?
  11. Problem solved! Thanks to Star Tekh. This is what I did:- Flashed bios to 1802 update. Reinstalled original Asus (Intel) chipset drivers. CbB works completely normally as does everything else. So it seems to have been a chipset driver issue. Many thanks everyone for your input.
  12. Well in the interests of trying to get to the bottom of this I'll try it again and this time pay attention to the chipset driver - although I thought I had updated that too. (Did I say I wasn't going to do this ever again?). And if CbB repeats its behaviour I'll try and get a screencapture of the lightning fast popu-ups as Neil suggests. StarTekh, thanks for the input and I'll let everyone know what happens. I'm trying to get a song finished as well.......
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