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  1. Well done. If you wanted to pursue this further to find out what was going on you could try another daw and see if the problem is replicated there. It took me years to summon the courage to sell the Fantom but I have to say soft synths are generally so much easier to manage. Especially as all the Fantom sounds can be got at via Roland Cloud, and thousands more.
  2. Mmmmm. .....now struggling with this. However it does seem to be caused by all channels being routed to the Fantom. In the Inspector, right-hand column under the mix rotary control just check that all channels is not selected. It used to baffle me when I could see multiple channels in the Fantom's performance mode change and that was the problem. I'm not familiar with the XR but I presume Louis has got that in performance mode?????? (just a thought)
  3. Right. Understood. I remember I had a similar problem. It was caused by midi tracks being assigned to the same outputs. Check in the Inspector where your midi tracks are sending data. I had to be really careful to make sure I had each track set to its individual output, track 1 midi out 1, track 2 midi out 2 and so on. I found that somehow Cakewalk can make it easy to send midi to multiple outs.
  4. So when you select say JD-800 Piano you can't get it to sound and it just plays the sound of the first patch in that bank? If that's the case have you checked the Fantom menu (I had the Fantom X keyboard but I presume there's a way into the XR's settings via its front panel) to make sure it's set to receive midi messages? And it's just worth double checking that Cakewalk is sending midi messages out - it should be as that's its default I think.
  5. I no longer have the Fantom so can't try to replicate this. I presume you change the preset within the Inspector drop-down menu.
  6. Sorry I should have made that clear. Yes, if you don't want the srx banks you can delete them in a text editor or within the instrument definition within cbb. Or just ignore them.
  7. Oh sugar I sent you a Cubase definition file. Here is the correct one I hope. I presume you get the drop down menu in the Inspector which should show all the patches in a bank from which you select your choice of patch? Roland Fantom XR Drum Kits incl SRX-06.ins Roland Fantom XR incl SRX-06.ins
  8. Try using this ins file to show all the XR presets. You can then select them in the CbB inspector. As I recall from the days of my Fantom-X it's one-way midi traffic, i.e. you can change the bank and patch in Cakewalk and that gets you the patch you want. But when I used to select as patch on the Fantom it did not transmit that to Cakewalk. roland_fantomXR382.zip
  9. I'll second that. I've just come across this and much appreciate the hard work that will have gone into creating it. Many thanks.
  10. There's a load of discontinued software that Roland appear to have made available via Roland Cloud. It has appeared in my free Roland Cloud account and shows as discontinued. They all seem to run on their Concerto instrument - included with each download, and which has also been discontinued.
  11. Agreed, it's a right pain when auditioning especially. It's not as if each manufacturer has their own standard, many basses from single manufacturers are all over the place. I'm also not a fan of many octaved basses which can play havoc with pitch placement - i.e. not sounding growly cos it's too low or wimpy because it's too high. A bass is supposed to be....erm....a bass, and if I want to add an octave up I'd rather be in control of that myself.
  12. Yes, I'm a bit nervous of Bandlab - there seems to be lots of youf out there. Here seems a safe place.
  13. I think we need a dedicated forum section where we can post the kind of stuff we would happily do for free - a kind of collaborators section. A bit like fiver but for free. Quality not guaranteed - not from me anyway - but it sure would lead to interesting results.
  14. Cool. Some nifty guitar playing going on there (envy, envy) and I liked the kinda loose feel to it.
  15. Sheds....my problem was solved. I can reiterate the Steinberg generic ASIO driver is a nuisance.
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