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  1. Really nice sense of space in the song, video cleverly edited together. And in double quick time. My (our) last one took 3 months! And yes it distracted from music creation. But you need image with music. Great job.
  2. Aahh, yes, Light My Fire, that intro. The animation was done in Reallusion's Cartoon Animator. Production in Filmora Pro. We hadn't done any before. Took about a month to learn the ins and outs of the software and then a couple more months to produce the animation. There's lots there that could be improved (you must have noticed) but there comes a point when you just throw your hands up and say we're done. Everyone's comments very much appreciated, thanks for taking the time to listen.
  3. Cheers. It used to be in our set back in the 70s along with one or two other originals we felt we could get away with. It was recorded originally at one of the then new 16-track studios, got sent away for production but the master got 'lost' somewhere along the way. We ended up re-recording it on 4-track and it just didn't sound the same. This version however gets somewhere near. The single sank without trace, sold around a thousand copies mainly at venues.
  4. Thanks, good to be cool at 70+ 😄
  5. Thanks for listening. Well you know what some drummers are like 😀 The cheezy organ comes from a combo of a 60s organ plus a leslied one from Roland Cloud. That was as close as I could get to the 70s Yamaha organ sound that we had. In the days we worked 300+ shows a year.
  6. Our first attempt at animation. Aaaagh!
  7. With recent fibre installation I now take advantage of idrive. They had an offer of something like $5 for the first year for 5tb. But I think it then goes to $69 a year after that. I'm pretty happy with it, reasonably quick upload speeds but haven't yet had to restore anything ( apart from a test I did).
  8. Brilliant! Loved everything about it. As someone who's in the middle of animating our next song I can appreciate the work that's gone into this. When's your next one coming out?????? 😀
  9. Just putting my oar in......you know what I like about Cakewalk's score editor? It's dead easy to use and for composition/arranging it does what I want it do, i.e. put notes on score on screen and on that old-fashioned stuff they call paper. And it has worked seamlessly within the program for me. I found Dorico too complicated and frustrating, the Cubase score editor I found a nightmare, didn't even integrate with Cubase properly, and far too complex for what I needed. Just saying.
  10. Peter C

    Valley Of The Rye

    Thanks Tom, I think maybe comments are turned off, need a course in toutubey stuff.
  11. Peter C

    Valley Of The Rye

    Mark, thanks. I really do appreciate everyone's comments as does Cheryl. There was a fair bit of angst involved in the songwriting process, it went through about 6 re-writes followed by about 6 arrangements tried and ditched. I think there were three separate visits to Rievaulx for inspiration and video shoots. One of the challenges was how to get footage without people in. The last time we went was just before Lockdown 1 when we were about the only ones there. But we still ended up with people in shot, cue a few happy hours in Photoshop and Blender. Now what are we doing next......I have an idea for Scarborough Castle......
  12. Peter C

    Valley Of The Rye

    Aaaahhhhh...such ignorance. I'm ashamed to say I have never read it - time to add to my reading list - to discover why it would have the special and sad meaning for the protagonist. Maybe CbB should start a virtual bookshop section. 😀 Many thanks for everyone's positive comments which I will pass on to Paige.
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