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  1. It's Reallusion's Cartoon Animator. But......we find its structure difficult to work with. It's a bit clunky. Knowing what we know now having used it for a while it wouldn't be our first choice. Thanks for the positive comments.
  2. It's a personal thing. I especially like the Cubase de-esser and just find the production process easier in Cubase. I also notice one or two plugins which are a bit iffy for me in CbB work better in Cubase. Sampletank is one example. But I have produced in CbB and ended up with perfectly acceptable results. In fact the first mixes were done in CbB and they were okay except for me being really picky about one or two things. My previous song was made entirely in CbB.
  3. Thanks. That's appreciated. There's a whole lot of fx built into Filmora Pro with great flexibility. Kind of like a cheap version of After Effects.
  4. Many thanks. Oh, I've just seen extra comments. Thanks people, your time spent listening to it and your supportive comments are really appreciated. It only took 6 months to put together! (on and off) The idea came from the Kate Moss book, Labyrinth, which is set in and around Carcassonne in SE France. We visited many years ago and came away suitably impressed, hence the song. We shortened and tightened up the 2008 original by re-recording everything, and we think Jarrett has done a great job on the voice-overs, really makes the song. I wonder what we should do next...........
  5. Must be the accent which kinda gives it away. Thanks for listening.
  6. Featuring the voice of Jarrett Raymond on intro and outro. Recorded in Cakewalk, produced in Cubase. Video - Cartoon Animator; stock footage from Pixabay contributors, production in Filmora Pro. Strings are from Roland's AX range. Addictive Drums.
  7. Peter C

    September Nights

    The bass is fine imho. Enjoyed this.
  8. Most excellent. I'm no guitarist but I really enjoyed that. Great production and the video works really well - shows off everyone's skills. 10 mins? No problemo.
  9. Oh right. Thanks for the link. And yes, my project is well over 2gb. I was just experimenting exporting it for Cubase. Hmmmm. What I have discovered is CbB audio can be dragged directly into Cubase from the CbB track window. And that multiple clips become combined into a single clip. Which is quite helpful when they need to be placed at a particular time in a Cubase project. Don't ask why I need to do this, the answer would take too long!
  10. Can anyone enlighten me as to what this means?
  11. A few of us have encountered the unexpected crash when too many shortcuts (key bindings) are assigned to 'do nothing'. Following a clean windows install I wanted all CbB's default shortcuts to be wiped and start in effect with a blank template. Why? Because I like to assign my own shortcuts instead of the defaults. I managed to achieve this - see attached file. Having previously identified the codes for each keystroke, i.e. A, B, C, SHIFT+A, B, C and so on, I was able to assign key binding 1067 (do nothing) to all keys. The only exceptions are the default actions such as scroll lock (pause), RTZ (W), record (R) and one or two others. Sanity warning: Do NOT use this file unless you want to wipe ALL your existing key bindings. If you are sure, pop this file into your appdata/roaming/Cakewalk/Cakewalk Core folder. Then in CbB open Preferences, go to Customization - Keyboard Shortcuts and import. SECOND WARNING: This will wipe all your existing shortcuts. It may be a good idea to save them first! It was Astraios who pointed me in that direction after his creation of CALs to achieve the same thing. This is a different way of achieving the same result. CbB Do Nothing.kbn
  12. Scook, I have downloaded a couple of things from your page. Many thanks for the work you've put into this.
  13. Update. For various reasons I needed to do a clean Windows install and....ta da.....SampleTank now works as it should do in CbB. It obviously didn't like something in my system.
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