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  1. Thanks for the update @Noel Borthwick Good that it's at least working in the latest version of CW and hope Motu respond with an update - although i'm not holding out too much hope - their last update was 7 years ago! 😳
  2. The issue I reported of 2021.04 crashing when loading Motu Ethno instrument now appears fixed in 2021.04 Update 1 Early Access (build 115). Thanks
  3. When loading an existing project with Motu Ethno Instrument or trying to add Ethno to an existing or new project, I get an instant crash at the point Ethno is being loaded. No error messages - Cakewalk just closes. No issues in earlier versions of Cakewalk. Anyone else experiencing the same issue or running Ethno successfully in 2021.04?
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