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  1. Hi one and all. The Problem is I can move the now cursor wherever I want in the time line and use 'W' to return to zero, as expected. But when I play (in an Audio or Midi clip or in no clip at all) and then play stops at end of a clip or on space bar command, it stops working. I get a 'not responding' message. If I now press the mouse I get a spinning blue circle. Press the mouse again and I get the white screen. It will stay in this 'not responding' mode for about 2 minutes and then everything is good to go again but the problem will repeat. When in this condition the Now Time cursor remains displayed even if Sonar is shrunk to Task bar. Most Sonar plugins are disabled and the problem is there with or without safe mode operation. There's nothing in W10 Events to give me a clue as to what's going on, not that I'm that PC savvy to understand everything I see. There's no crash file to inspect because it doesn't crash. I'm working on an Intel-i7 running at 2.5 GHz, all on an SSD Disk and 16 G Byte of Ram. I have a Line6 Helix Rack as my I/O and previously had an Edirol UA1000. The problem is intermittently present with Sonar X3 Producer, Platinum or CbB with Line6 Helix Rack ASIO Driver under W7 or W10. And with Sonar Platinum with Edirol UA1000, ASIO4All under W7. I downloaded Studio One Prime for a non-sonar point of reference and the problem does not occur under W10 with Helix Rack. I've failed to identify what it is I do differently, the times when it does work as normal. It's likely something in my setup of Sonar that's occurred around October 2019 under W7. I've moved to W10 since then and the problem has followed even after a clean install of all three sonar packages. I've searched on 'not responding' in the forum with no joy. I'd appreciate suggestions of things to try, please. Things that either solve the problem or aid the investigation. Thank you.
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