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  1. I have been trying it several different ways. my conclusion it's not always the same plugin. I am still stumped.
  2. I am having problems with opening projects with vst plugins on them. Let me elaborate, when I open a project. BL tries to load the project gets to various plugins and hangs then I get the not responding prompt and I have to shut down. I am not your average user I have been using this program since version 5, so I know about the shift for safe mode. When I use it and click yes on all the plugins, they load no problem. I don’t understand it’s an inconvenience but all my projects load. I also have sonar X3 on this machine. It does the same thing. I am using a lot of 32 bit vst’s as well as 64 bit but I don’t know if that’s my problem, or what? I can open the vst’s and they loaded fine. I can open them in all my projects, and what not but when I open the project it loads a few plugins and then hangs. I have upgraded to a hp Z book 14 I7 32 Gb ram... to use the new thunderbolt interface i got for mobile recording. I just upgraded it to win 10 everything worked great on win 7 no problems. Now that I got 10 this happens. I don’t know if I’m missing something or what? Thanks hope everyone is staying safe 18e190413af045db88dfbd29609eb877.db.ses mat-debug-10344.log mat-debug-12964.log
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