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  1. Thank You David, this is likely the missing link. Yes I believe the X32 can act as a control surface based on some quick searching in google and the forum. I'll have to work to get that set up because that would make things much easier. I wondered what the automation stuff was for so now on to reading about that. I started going back through the creative sauce tutorial videos. I watched a couple and they are just way too in depth for what I'm doing. They are great information but I would say "information overload" for me. I really just want to record a worship service and get it somewhat balanced - maybe add a couple of effects to enhance the sound and call it good. Not doing 62 tracks of recording. Now that I know automation is what I'm attempting to do maybe I'll go back and see if one of his tutorials is on automation. Then once you get all the automation done with the levels I assume you just export the mix to a single file? Rich
  2. Sorry for the delayed response - for some reason I didn't get an email notification even though it's set to notify me. I did install the drivers and am using the audio interface. Each instrument is coming in on it's own track. I also have a separate analog aux send to another PC that I'm recording as a backup. But as far as Cakewalk goes yeah I have each instrument/vocal on it's own track. Since my original posting our church has stopped meeting to do worship before the message due to the virus situation so right now I'm basically only recording a single track lapel mic for the pastor to record his message. I haven't gotten through the tutorials yet since they seem to be focused around creating music with cakewalk. I'm sure later on they will get to the editing part that I'm looking for and I'm sure all of it is good information. Unfortunately I don't have enough time to sift through all the information so I'm getting bits and pieces where I can. The long and short of it is I have this very long multi-track recording (of for example a worship service) and for certain parts of it I want to lower some track levels (read not so good vocals) while increasing others (read much better vocals or instruments etc). But these levels aren't constant through the whole recording. I can't get my head around how to make those adjustments to that part of the recording while changing it up for other parts. I did figure out how set the output of the tracks to an aux bus and record that aux bus as I playback and manipulate the levels. It gets me the desired result but it seems like there must be an easier way. Things are starting to settle down in the IT realm so I'm going to look through some more of the tutorials once I get some time. Rich
  3. Thank you for both your replies. I will follow the tutorials and also grab the reference guide. Seems like very powerful software. Will be fun once I understand how to use it better.
  4. Hello, I am extremely new to cakewalk and audio in general. I am an IT professional that was asked by my church to manage the sound/multimedia area. We have a behringer x32 in which I have successfully set up to output it's channels to cakewalk and have successfully made a multi-track recording of our worship service. We have keys, a flute, bass and some vocals. I made the recording on my laptop at the church and then took it home to try to edit it and improve the audio. I have managed to set up the output to play through my headphones and now I'm trying to just figure out how to edit the song - I have gathered that it is oriented around making takes but I can't seem to figure out how to use a track or series of tracks as the input for the take. It keeps wanting to record my microphone audio in the take. What I'm trying to accomplish is to play the songs back adjusting instrument and vocal levels to make everything balanced and adding some fx to make it sound better. I seem to be missing something obvious. I watched a bunch of tutorials but seemingly key pieces of information are either omitted as being obvious or I'm just not following the workflow. Anyone that could help would be greatly appreciated! Thank You in advance! Rich
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