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  1. I'm sure its not an echo problem because when I click on the piano within the softsynth panel there is sound. So despite having midi data. No matter what output I put it to there is no sound. It just won't trigger anything
  2. It breaks all midi input or output functionality on all projects yet. And when I reinstall it is fine. It is a weird problem. That's why i'm posting. I've used cakewalk for more almost 2 decades and didn't need to post anything until now. I can't record anything because there is now input or output on anything. I'll check the settings you propose then get back. I just saw this post and yes driver settings is MME
  3. Nobody has this same issue?
  4. Ok I got it all to work by uninstalling and reinstalling cakewalk then it all works.....and the problem happens again when I open a project from another computer....
  5. So everything worked miraculously after the recent update. But the moment I open a cakewalk file from another computer everything goes haywire again. All midi functions cease to work. I am dumbfounded please help
  6. I've not managed to get it to work via USB but the rig works with my MIDI cables on my interface. So I've just used it like this for this because there is too much work to rush at the moment. Will revisit this when I have the time. Meanwhile if anyone else has such issues and found a solution. I'm all open. Thanks
  7. Thanks David, Deleted everything in there. Still no difference...
  8. So I used the utility and can see that I have the devices there. But I can only select the korg devices. There are empty midi slots before that. What do I need to do to delete of clean up this list? How do I know if there is too many because there seems to be 29 slots. Most of my things are located after midi 10... Sorry I'm following the youtube and let see how that goes...I did this last time when I had issue with my korg nanokontrol...
  9. Yups i'm familiar with this panel. But you can't delete the devices. It appears when the device is available. I did select it and apply and de-select it as well. and applied. Still doesn't work. Only difference it goes from showing no midi signals to constant midi signals. I haven't run a diagnostic what data it is sending out.... I've never had a problem in the past with changing usb port. However even if I use the same one now. it doesn't work. every usb port on my computer can't function on cakewalk. Other softwares work fine.....
  10. Ok this is new to me. How do you delete and re-add in Cakewalk? They disappear when they are not available. An appear when they are available. There is not delete available device... I deleted and reinstalled my drivers on windows but not in cakewalk...
  11. Hi, I am dumbfounded because I never had this issue before. I've been using Cakewalk for 20 years and never faced and issue I couldn't resolve. Even last week everything was working like a charm. I can't understand what is causing this issue however. My midi controllers were working fine with my softsynths on cakewalk as usual. I use it both on my PC and laptop. When I opened a project from my laptop to my pc. I suddenly am not able to use my controller on my PC anymore with cakewalk. No midi in or out signals. the existing midi can playback. But none of my keyboards work as a controller anymore. I have a korg kronos and a Yamaha montage. Both just wont work although all the setting show they are there and set correctly. Then I go back to my laptop everything is working fine. Until I load a project I was working on for my PC. Then I get the same midi issues on my laptop. Both PC and laptop now cannot work with my midi controllers just on Cakewalk. Because my other softwares like finale and Akai VIP work fine with my controllers. I left my physical midi cables in the office and because of the lockdown I can't get them to try if the midi through my interface works. I'm stuck and rushing work. And am just frustrated at what is wrong. If anyone can help. It would be great.
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