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  1. Can audiosnap have a more streamlined intuitive suited towards manipulation of things like heavy guitars,especially palm muted parts and "chugging" parts,like an algorithim specifically able to that Many could disagree but I dont find it easy or intuitive to use audiosnap especially when the need for precise palm muting is paramount
  2. yea it sucks i cant use them now, same with zeta, that is an awesome synth
  3. Giving it away might attract people to try it, but judging from how many people join their forum and the cakewalk facebook user groups I would say its not working.The whole code thing sucks and wish they had written it differently.I use logic but only logic but only started like 3 years ago when my pc broken had no money and my wife surprised me with a mac, she didnt as me what i wanted.I would gladly be using cakewalk if it was mac I use log
  4. I hear you and agrees dont agree with the whole free thing personally, and not sure how they can grow without charging for it, adding synths and effects, and making a mac version.Your right about it not being simple and I know it would be a significant financial investment for band lab They should charge for it, never should have made it free
  5. what i dont understand about that is reason/cubase,studio one,ect,ect sell plenty to mac users
  6. My hope is that they will eventually start adding more content/plugins
  7. They did, and I was so excited, but the issue is it won't be updated or worked on, those who want a mac version want the full deal
  8. Kind of off topic but what about dimension pro,rapture,the ca-2a,are they all gone?
  9. I agree also,really bummed me out they didn't/couldnt make a Mac version.Not because mac is better,I own and use both, but because it would take cakewalk to the next level and give so many musicians the chance to see how amazing it is.Im no expert on code, so I in no way mean to brush aside how difficult it might be to re-write such a complex program, but I wonder whose Idea that was to write it so it tightly with windows libraries(again I dont know code).I wonder how much money and time would it require?Would the sales and growth make up for those expenses?I fell like it would, but then again its free right now so maybe its not possible for them to do that. Hope that makes sense
  10. These are great ideas,prochannel is one of my favorite features
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