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  1. Hi guys. Thanks for the tips. I will try the "Zero Controllers When Play Stops" option. I suspect that's where the problem resides.
  2. I have a pupil who is experiencing a lot of problems with Cakewalk by Bandlab. It started with Multi Samplers, like Kontakt and Aria. After instantiating the instrument in the Rack, and loading several sounds in it (each on its own channel), we then created MIDI tracks, each we addressed to the respective sound/channel. Playing with the MIDI controller, everything was well. We then recorded a track. After recording, the sound was muted (in Kontakt) or with the volume severely reduced (in Aria). Unloading and reloading the sound would make it back to normal. However, after recording a new track, ALL tracks (even the one already recorded) would present the anomaly again. There were no controllers or commands in in action that could cause that. Yesterday, after uninstalling and reinstalling EVERYTHING related to Cakewalk, a new anomaly appeared. This time, Cakjewalk was stoping to respond to the MIDI controllers. Using other software (like Kinbtakt standalone) allowed us to verify that the MIDI controllers were working as expected - the anomaly was only in Cakewalk. Frankly, I don't know what else can I do. I advised him to simply give up on Cakewalk for good. What intrigues me the most is that I used and am using Cakewalk on several systems, one of them Windows 7 and the others Windows 10, and I never experienced or saw this problem before. Add to this that last weekend my daughter also installed Cakewalk in her own computer. She is a pianist, and wanted to record some demos for his pupils, to send them, so I advised her to use Cakewalk for that. She linked her electronic piano (a Yamaha) to the compute,r and used it as a MIDI controller, Once again,. she was able to play MIDI through perfectly, but when recording, the sound disappears, although the signal was recorded perfectly. I adviced her to use the piano own sound to minotor, and that how she worked around the problem. These are weird problems, that i don't observe in my own computers, but if someone has some advices that would be greatly appreciated.
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