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  1. Just wanted to say thanks so much for this @abacab , that tool is great, and of course thanks to @czyky (I'm guessing that's the same person on here as there, who authored it) ! Amazing! Will help me review for VSTs in preparation to probably de-subscribe from a particular provider, and anyway great info whenever needed. Here we are in 2023 and STILL working with new projects!
  2. Just mentioning I'm here looking for the solution to the same problem, which also started recently. I would have thought maybe 1-2 months ago but could be 3. At first, for quite a while, I assumed it was due to a specific plugin in a project as for quite a while I was working on just that, then as I moved on to other things I realized it just happens all the time. At least for me, it's still playing audio for about those 7 seconds when I press stop, then the audio stops after 7 seconds and control returns to UI. No issues with recording or such; I don't recall changing any parameters.
  3. FYI to anyone researching Ovox and Cakewalk issues, per Waves, "The latest version of OVox is not compatible with Cakewalk. We are working on making it compatible soon. " However, the demo worked fine in Cakewalk - I only had problems once I purchased and updated it! (Even then, it still basically works EXCEPT that I can't save a project with Ovox active, the project cannot then be opened. So I have to bounce/render any audio once I determine a desirable effect and then leave Ovox off, saving a preset of where I left off if I want to later change it.)
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