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  1. main stuff - Asus ROG STRIX B550-F motherboard Ryzen 7 5800X CPU Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3060 Ti graphics card Corsair RM850X power supply Windows 11 Home 23H2 64 GB RAM happy to answer more, thx
  2. Would Cakewalk really be the sole application symptomatic (including editing/rendering video) if there were an SSD issue? I do run anyway some "casual" diagnostics which haven't shown anything, but can do something more in-depth.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, appreciated. Nope, no spinning drives left at least in terms of anything Cakewalk uses at all (external storage devices only, internal drives are both SSD). I was thinking fragmentation be consistently symptomatic with other drive-hungry applications and, moreover, have some consistency in terms of when/what Cakewalk is loading? Nothing seemingly relevant in Admin Events/nothing tied to when this happened again yesterday evening. Nothing I see unusual. Sorry, what sort of independent monitoring SW, to see which aspects in particular? Will try, especially to see if it works even though the system has plenty of standby right now, for example, thanks.
  4. Hi, I have the latest CbB. Perhaps since getting that, as it started happening recently (last couple months), without obvious proximate cause, that at some point after my PC's been running for "a while", however many days, CbB will suddenly become painfully slow in launching and doing any operations at all. The easy and quick solution is to reboot. Clears it up every time. I'm not suggesting CbB is the cause; whatever the cause is, CbB appears to be the only symptomatic application. There is no obvious plugin use or obviously distinctive activity or predecessor that triggers this. Any advice on figuring out what may be the cause is welcome. There's no obvious memory consumption problems, no overloaded processor. Occurs whether the C drive has more or less data. It typically occurs upon application launch, though most recently it became symptomatic upon opening another Cakewalk file whereas one was already open and performance had been just fine until opening the second file (and this file has no issues otherwise, and opens fine upon reboot or the like; also, yes, I can repeat the process within Cakewalk, but the symptoms will not repeat). The only theory I presently have is that there's some sort of memory fragmentation that develops after startup, again no idea what application(s) might be the cause if so (Vegas across multiple recent releases would be a candidate; perhaps the most recent CbB), and at some point Cakewalk is struggling to properly address memory. But doesn't seem so likely. Suggestions welcome. Not a huge issue, just would be nice to resolve/make life a little easier. Thank you!
  5. I'm not suggesting the "bakers" are responsible. This is the forum I am on, this is the one where we talk about the product, if Bandlab isn't somehow incorporating this feedback it is not my job to do their sentiment analysis and so forth for them, nor to chase after wherever they might be when this is very clearly a forum they know people are voicing opinions (PS - more specifically, come for support, which will beget a lot of feedback with it; it's their job to review that correspondence, and if they aren't, that says a lot about the company and direction; it also tells me then there's no point in voicing anything at all to them).
  6. Maybe it's my eyes/prescription (or just that I don't clean my lenses enough, haha) but seems fine to me except that I prefer the font in the CbB, that seems to cause the equivalent of "blurring" in the Sonar one, a bit of "messy" what-is-it, kerning? some-such...my spouse professionally knows this stuff but not handy
  7. you're like me, old enough to see it come around again. from what I see it's a seesaw in underlying notions of what is crisp, what is attractive, what is frictionless; I doubt it will ever be "solved" (I remember, what was it, the '90s, the dream of every user having their own UI - I guess that will come back again sometime tho' is mostly disdained/in disrepute, and I do understand the issues with non-directed/non-best-practice UI paths
  8. From the screen shots, the Sonar Tungsten seemed fine to me, no "significant" difference. But that might be the difference of looking at these shots versus a live screen in front of me. In any case, thanks much; to me it seems like whenever Bandlab is ready to be more clear about the commercial path generally it's looking fine to migrate to me/for my purposes. But also not seeing any reason to change until I must.
  9. I'm not necessarily against a subscription model. I'm not necessarily against a Bandlab membership model. Will just wait and see. I don't see a reason to lose time on projects in preparing for a change when it's so speculative, for my own/our situation. Worst case I pay for an unwanted year or such of some subscription while looking at alternatives, which I'd rather do than lose time on projects now. That said, Bandlab has all the earmarks of a company that emphasizes growth to then do a hard "enshittification," as the term has been popularized. But, hey, even those companies can still be relatively okay in the marketplace, such as it is.
  10. My grip is if the business does not listen to the developers, the business is at fault.
  11. I think it's difficult to tell if anyone's really listening; if so, it shouldn't die, but if they aren't, then, to your point, it's indeed beating a dead horse. Hard to say. I proceed in hopes that the company is all ears.
  12. If Bandlab isn't watching this forum, that's Bandlab's problem. If "the Bakers" are interacting here, it's also their obligation to provide feedback within their company based on those interactions. A company official cannot transact with customers and then disclaim it isn't their role to provide feedback, or such. (And I'm not suggesting whatsoever that the engineers are making such disclaiming, and I have full confidence that they provide feedback. If not, well, that's on the company.)
  13. Precisely. "This is the weirdest, softest rollout of any software I have ever seen, bar none."
  14. I think it's suitable for people to complain here. If the complaints here are not heard, that's not on the consumers, that's on the company.
  15. Not seeing it myself; if not already done, would at least put in a support ticket (https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new).
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