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  1. I found a local university student that will put a custom build together for me if I supply the components for $100. Yee Haw!
  2. Hi Guys, I'm an old Sonar user from Sonar 2 and I'm still running Sonar 5 Producer Edition. I am currently running on an off the shelf HP computer so I know very little about purchasing/building a new DAW. I plan on upgrading to the newest version of Cakewalk and I want a decent performing machine to match. Since this is the Cakewalk forum I figured it was the right place to ask. I don't need the latest and greatest technology as I am trying to put this together on a reasonable budget. I'm perfectly fine with last years model as I don't anticipate being a power users and needing crazy track counts, etc. I am not against buying an off the shelf computer from BestBuy, etc. If someone has a recommendation on a specific model I would be happy to look at that too. I'm not against putting my own system together either, although I have never done that before. Not sure how difficult it would be. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Neil
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