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  1. This is more of a request for the developers. It's a feature I've used in previous versions of Cubase. It's been useful to me automating the on/off switch of send, and for what I've been reading, it can't be done on Cakewalk. I can give you an example on how I use it. When sending a signal to a delay bus, in this way I can send it only in parts I want, for example, on certain parts of vocals. What's the difference between automating the send and muting the delay bus for example? The thing is I need trails. If I mute the track or the delay's output, I lose the delay's trail. That delay in particular, which I like very much, doesn't have an input switch or knob, so I can't automate that. I know I could automate the send knob by taking it down and up to the levels I need in those particular parts. But I feel it's annoying to do that, when I need to write automation for the delay parts in real time, it just can´t be done with precision. I can write the automation with snapshots, but again, it's slow and time consuming, compared to doing it in real time and then fixing the parts that didn't come out well by hand. I feel it's a feature that should be added long time ago. I hope they do it soon.
  2. No one knows? I was able to export by using the output bus (I get the message above when I export using Entire Mix). I unfroze a couple of tracks and when I tried to freeze back, I got the same message...
  3. Just as the title says... I wanted to export and this is the message I got: I was able to export successfully yesterday. The only modifications today was minor volume changes in some tracks, a plugin effect removed from one of the tracks, and some automation. The song plays fine. I just got this message when I tried to export. I restarted Cakewalk but the problem is still there when I try to export.
  4. I'd be nice if you added the automation of the on/off switch of sends. It's more practical to automate the on/off switch rather than the send volume. In that way, I can adjust better the send volume according to the sound which only activates according to the automation.
  5. @msmcleodI've tried automation snapshots. It seems flawed as well. I could draw 2 snapshots, but after doing that, they wouldn't be read. I saved the project, loaded it again, and for now it seems that Cakewalk reads it. The automation read feature in Cakewalk seems to be the problem, or the write feature. As soon as I start writing automation in some way, the read feature dies. I'll try to work this way until you can solve the issue. Thanks for looking into it!
  6. @msmcleod I was able to replicate the problem. Basically it records and reads when I move the sliders or knobs, but when I record automation and change the values of the volume from the numbers, it gets recorded, but not played. After that, if I try to record by moving the slider, it gets recorded, but not played. I have to restart the project in order to make automation work again, only from the sliders or knobs. To make it worse, I noticed that when I recorded automation with the slider, I stopped moving the slider on -9.5 for example, but when it was played back, it stopped in 9.4... I'll try to make another video to show you that. This is the procedure and videos I made to replicate the automation flaw: 1.- I armed automation, played the song, and moved the volume slider. Recorded automation as it should. When it was played back, the volume slider as well as the sound changed accordingly. 2.- I armed automation, played the song, but this time I changed the volume from the numbers, to set a precise volume change, which in the end is what I'm trying to do and fails. It recorded as it should, but when it was played back, no response, the slider kept without change, in the volume set before recording the automation. Note aside, the automation recorded is not faithful to the change I made, since I made an instant change, and what was recorded in the automation is a different thing. 3.- I armed automation, played the song, and moved the volume slider like in point 1. Recorded automation as it should. When it was played back, automation was not read, and the volume kept without any change. This is the link to the video: https://youtu.be/bG-fPZnNfNQ I did a fresh install in my laptop, which by the way had never had Cakewalk installed. Did the same 3 steps on a fresh project and the same problem happened: https://youtu.be/OdfQW0Sko8Q Honestly, it surprises me that a seasoned DAW like Cakewalk has these flaws. Until a few years ago I used an older version of Cubase. Automation worked flawlessly, from the sliders, knobs or value changes, and it always played exactly what was recorded. I hope this can be finally fixed, since I found some threads of this ploblem dating way back from the Sonar days.
  7. Yes. The volume slider on the main vocals bus never moves. I contacted support yesterday. I want to make some videos so I can send better proof. I'll pm you the project file as soon as I can.
  8. I can't make automation work in plugins, tracks buses...
  9. I have the same problem.... I record the automation, but when I playback, nothing moves... and of course... read automation is enabled. I'm getting so annoyed by this. I can't understand how 15 years ago the Cubase release I was using NEVER failed on automation and Cakewalk 2020 can't handle automation properly... The automation track in the image, there's no way I can't make it to be read...
  10. By any chance... have you messed up automation? I can't make automation work by any means. It does record the changes I make, but doesn't read. Never reads. There's absolutely no way to make the automation track on the image to be read.
  11. There's absolutely NO WAY to make these automation track to be read.
  12. Yes... just like that. I arm to record automation, play, move the parameters, values are recorded in the automation track, but when I play the track back, nothing is read. Yes... read automation is enabled, and after recording the automation track, I disable record automation. What is the problem with Cakewalk? I'm losing precious time with this problem. It's unbelievable that is so problematic to make automation work.
  13. Great! Thanks for the quick response!
  14. I had BSODs when I was recording (not related to Cakewalk I guess, but rather to a buggy Line 6 HD500 driver) and peak files of some of my tracks disappeared. How can I make Cakewalk to rebuild them without ruining my project? I thought about deleting all peak files in the project, but I rather ask here and not ruin the whole project. Here's how the tracks in the project look like:
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