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  1. Hello Caleb, Disabling the antivirus did not work but uninstalling it did the trick I don't know why. Maybe I should have disabled the antivirus and then restarted the Windows in order for the antivirus to become inactive? Could be.. I hope it helps. Cheers, spacekid.90
  2. Thanks again! I finally managed to do it by downloading unofficial firmware by Pajen for Volca Sample.
  3. Thank you, Scook, as always with your helpful input. I think I somehow managed to do different MIDI channels on different tracks. Now the issue is, I have to click on specific track first to get the sound from specific MIDI channel. Is it possible to set it up in a way where I can get different sounds/steps from Volca (output) when I press different keys on my computer keyboard (input)? I even created a drum map but it only works with step sequencer and piano roll. Cheers, spacekid.90
  4. Hello I have Volca Sample connected via USB MIDI Interface (midilink mini - MIDI to USB cable) to Cakewalk. However, I am only able to trigger one step/note from my Volca. I read somewhere that "The Volca Sample uses channels of MIDI: one for each of the ten parts." Does anybody know how I can trigger all of the steps/notes from the Sample? Thank you very much in advance! Cheers, spacekid.90
  5. Heyo, I have Volca Sample connected via USB MIDI Interface (midilink mini - MIDI to USB cable) to Cakewalk. I selected MIDI Input and Output Devices to the Interface from the Preferences. I open MIDI track, select the Interface as Output and Virtual Controller (computer keyboard) as Input. When I press different keys on my keyboard I can only get one sound/step per MIDI track from my Volca. Is it possible to set it up in a way where I can get different sounds/steps from Volca (output) when I press different keys on my computer keyboard (input)? OS: Windows 10 64-bit (latest version) Thank you very much in advance! Cheers, spacekid.90
  6. Download and installation worked. "Log In" does not work. It just does the loading thing like in the image above and then does nothing. I am running Windows 10 64 and I have the latest Vdist C ++ runtimes. I tried disabling antivirus as well. I tried running BandLab installer as admin too. I tried starting BandLab as admin nothing happened. You are right it must be something with PC even though everything besides BandLab seems to work fine. I will try to restore the system to earlier point and see how it helps. Thank you again, spacekid.90
  7. Hi Promidi, Thank you for your input. I tried uninstalling and then downloading and reinstalling again (from the link that you provided) but it did not work. ' Are you logging of with your Cakewalk credentials (recommended) ' --> it does not even let me to that. When I press the green Log In button it just buffers and does nothing
  8. Hello there, Lately, I have not been able to log in BandLab Assistant to update Cakewalk. When I open BandLab Assistant and click "Log In" it buffers a little and then does nothing. I tried uninstalling and installing the app again but it did not work. Thank you, spacekid.90
  9. Hi DIDAZNE You may have tried this but here's what I did: I installed both vc_redist.x86.exe vc_redist.x64.exe from https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads It worked for me when I closed everything, installed the given exe's and restarted the PC when it prompted me. Please note it did not work when I restarted the PC manually later on! Also, you could try to "repair" the program if you have already installed it and it still does not work. Click in the "exe" files and follow the wizard to "repair" and restart. I hope this helps Cheers, spacekid.90
  10. Thank you very much, JoseC
  11. I appreciate your help, Promidi Since PC/DAW needs "line in" of an Audio Interface to receive the sounds from the Volca, I think I will go with an interface that has Audio In. I would not like to control the Volca by Cakewalk for now. I'm glad the option exists though Stupid question: what happens if I connect an audio cable from the Volca's Out straight to the laptop's jack? Cheers, spacekid.90
  12. Hi Promidi, thanks again for your help. To get back to the topic: does that mean that I do not need an audio interface with "MIDI Out" since it only needs to have "Stereo line in"? As far as I understand now, there are two cables 1) MIDI and 2) Audio) 1) MIDI Out from the audio interface connected to the MIDI In of the Volca only means signals can be sent from PC keyboard to play the notes on the Volca itself. 2) Otherwise, if I want to send a single note/sequence/loop to record into a DAW track audio cable is enough? I hope I was clear Cheers, spacekid.90
  13. You made it so much easier for me and I love the sounds of Sitala!!
  14. I did that. Is there a way to make it appear on the list between "1-Sitala 1" and "Drum Map Manager"? Without having to scroll all the way down? If not I will just move other drum maps to another folder (since I do not use them yet) and have only the map that you made The drum map itself is awesome. I'm enjoying it already
  15. Wooww you are the best!!! Yes, I tried setting up a drum map from the preferences according to this tutorial: But I had to load new the drum map from preferences all the time I opened CbB. It was not saved automatically. Maybe I did something wrong on the way. I don't know. I will try your method now Thank you again! This thing has been demotivating me to open the DAW because my workflow is more sequence-based
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