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  1. Thank you Nigel, I knew it would be simple but I wasted half a day of lockdown discovering my settings and discovering midi editing!
  2. It seems my Sonar ignores the tempo changes when playing back a midi file? If I load the midi file it plays at whatever tempo is set in the transport regardless of tempo changes in the file. I've tried it in Mulabs DAW and it works fine and you can watch the tempo changes as they occur. Problem without tempo is that the midi loses its musicality, frustrating. Anyone help, sure its an easy fix? tried looking at preferences but nothing there that I can see. Midi file attached to experiment with. Thanks in anticipation of help! Corelli Concerto.mid
  3. I needed versatile midi controller for Sonar but didn't want to spend loads of bucks on some fancy hardware. Well if you have an iPad (2014 on) and a Windows PC running Sonar then this project will set you up with a state of the art wireless midi controller. Play the keyboard or kick off sounds with drum pads or control effects with sliding faders, oh and its portable too, runs off bluetooth not wireless! Open the guide and work through it step by step, you can use any midi controller app in the App Store but I choose Midi Controller because it beats everything else hands down. Shout if you get stuck, have fun! iPad Sonar Controller.pdf
  4. I've used Amplitude Custom Shop for years now and it provides the most authentic clean tones, nice valve compression emulation and dynamics. You need to be prepared to play around with the amp settings, the presets need tweeking. Keep an eye out for BIAS amp offers, they are also very good amps and effects too.
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