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  1. Their servers are more responsive than Filesilo's.. there's that.
  2. ADSR also has a Massive X preset pack up for sale (500 presets): https://www.adsrsounds.com/product/presets/patchmaker-500-massive-x-presets/
  3. They probably don't have a clue what to do with the synth. Don't think it gained any serious tracktion at all since it's release.
  4. Note on the back issues: for a lot of the older giveaway software, you can't get serial anymore.
  5. Would be more interested in the accompanying EZKeys Midi.
  6. I'll wait until the 'Complete Your Colleection' price goes 50% off, then get the Expansion Pack for Christmas
  7. Why doesn't Arturia do these kinds of sales on it's V-Collection? LOL
  8. I like how the description mentions it's basically EOL and it doesn't work as M4L device is anything past Live 9
  9. Good thing they didn't change the ridiculous license transfer policies... [/sarcasm off]
  10. They normally have full version changes about every 2 - 2,5 years and haven't charged for any of the point release in between, so far. The one time price is $399 , the crossgrade from another DAW is $299 The upgrade price without a sale is $149 The yearly Sphere price is $14,99 per month, or $149 if you buy for a year in advance. So if you're just interested in the core program, buying Studio One may be the better choice
  11. Same for Best Service. They even state that it's an option on their product page: Service information: - On request, we will send you the product serial number/license code from your box via email before shipping (if you like us to do so, please let us know by writing to shipping@bestservice.de ) - You may also choose NOT to have the box and its contents shipped. In this case we will refund the shipping costs (€ 5.00 for the EU, € 25.00 outside of the EU) and dispose of the box professionally. Please also let us know by email (shipping@bestservice.de) if you like us to do so. Source: https://www.bestservice.com/komplete_13_ultimate_ce_upgrade_ultimate.html#
  12. I tried that to get K12U two years ago. Back then the rep of T&S said they weren't allowed to do that anymore.
  13. How is this considered pricey? Isn't that 169 - 199 the standard price for new A-list synths?
  14. Direct sales at Beyer Dynamic has a lot of B-Grades/ Returns on sale: https://www.beyerdynamic.de/deals/?cid=hp_icamp&awc=15402_1622458982_a759307dfebe65aa667098fa89e6f65c&utm_source=awin&utm_medium=333587
  15. Normally between the 5th and the 10th? At least that is when it shows up in my App.
  16. Lite = Analog Lab 4 Intro = Analog Lab 5 No idea why they changed the naming
  17. Let's see what the Sound Collective brings, when that one gets switched next week. Maybe that will have the distrokid coupon
  18. Still need at least AT5 SE to take advantage of the newer versions of the amps and cabs, I guess?
  19. What issues are you having with it?
  20. And FWIWthe synth is NKS ready, so it should also be there in NI Komplete Kontrol, if you're used to that eco-system.
  21. Yeah, I think it is Issue 185 currently, which has Also MPC Beats with some extra MPC Packs
  22. I would have jumped in if DCO-106 was on a lower tier. I already got Ignite and MG-1
  23. No Crossgrade offer on the AudioModern site for Riffer3 owners?
  24. Is it normal you have to send the EP Invoice to Waves to get the free plugin?
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