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  1. Not unless Peter quotes lyrics of the full Beatles Catalogue
  2. Anyone can recommend any between RapidComposer, Hexachords Orb and MixedInKey Captain Plugins?
  3. All the people receiving their Arc 3 with mic set today?
  4. Are you sure Peter? My email subject says it's just a TEST. Lol
  5. I don't have to live paycheck by paycheck, but we have 'fun money' each month. So yes, I eagerly await my paychecks. (and yes I do hide several subscriptions under monthly expenses....)
  6. Good thing the Tracktion demos run 90 days. Time enough to decide if Abyss is something I want to buy until BF comes
  7. I already hinted at @Peter - IK Multimedia to ask the high-ups to create some GB freebie packs out of the Amptlitube Customs shop stuff that is not available as a pick. Alas, no reply as of yet.
  8. What do you think will be the tier to beat for an October extension? Hehe
  9. Nah, it's their Collective synth plus the expansion pack Beta Maxed.
  10. 14 whole days? After throwing around those 3 month free codes everywhere?
  11. It's an amazing tool. And paired with an ipad ideal for music making on the go. Looking to get the creator's overlay to experiment with custom layouts
  12. I went the Sensel Morph route for my MPE cravings. Not much cheaper, but the switchable overlays are great
  13. Aren't their synths under the FXPansion flag? But then again they might sell those off to InMusic, like they did with BFDDrums.
  14. A lot of software developers inflate their RRP. Anyone actually paid $129 for one of Izotope's Elements plugins?
  15. People are getting their September salary in...
  16. Get the Tape Machines, Leslie and Sunset Reverb.
  17. Makes sense. With the apparent close relation of PB with Izotope. And their partnership with NI
  18. Or make some custom packs for the AmpliTube stuff that are only in the Custom Shop or AmpliTube Max. Like Wampler bundle, only for the GB.
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