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  1. I do this with the UA6176 - actually have it split into two sides (Preamp and compressor). Will work the same for you but you only need one mono channel. I don't view it as an "Internal" plug in" but as a signal chain that can be reswizzled as needed. in my case with the VS-700 (Should work the same with any I/O device) I have VS-700 OUT 1-2 connected to the inputs of the 6176 - Left is the Pre-amp, Right is the compressor). Then I have the output of the 6176 going to inputs on the VS-700 (In my case 3-4 - Preamp on the left, compressor on the right) So, to use the compressor, I just set what ever channel I am working with to output to VS-700 Out 1-2 (Right) or I may elect to use it with a send - depends on whether I want the upstream FX included - often I do as I EQ before compression almost always. I then set up a new track with VS-700 3-4 (Right) as the input and route it to the correct bus. By the way - Setting Friendly names in the device settings makes this much easier to use in production - so all the I/O ports associated with the UA6176 have been relabeled with the friendly name UA6176
  2. With no proper driver the Toshiba drive would be invisible to the OS so the utility would not be able to work against it. That "Update" tab in the last screenshot looks promising...I don't know if I would bother to back up a driver that doesn't work but hey, it's not a lot of space.
  3. A quick read on the web seems to indicate this is caused by the device driver not moving over correctly during the "upgrade". (Probably why the install was failing as well) . Since this is a hard drive, that means you may need to reinstall the chipset drivers. If it is external the USB drivers would be the suspect. The error sounded a lot more sinister - a "partial or ambiguous match" sounds like a dedupe process hash collision - but in this case, it means that Windohs couldn't work out what driver is needed for some piece of gear so didn't install that one...
  4. "What if God Smoked Cannabis?" - Bob Rivers
  5. "Party Dolls and Wine" - Country Dick Montana
  6. "Boogie Fever" - The Sylvers Who doesn't love a 10 piece band with no instruments? (That is Jamerson on Bass in the recording...only gold record he ever received...)
  7. I had that happen with one complicated mix where I had muted and hidden a track that had a send going out to a bus for the reverb. When I would look at the track manager - everything claimed to be muted...made me nuts for about 15 minutes and caused much muttering under my breath until I found that send. At least around here, every "Bug" I have hit seems to be between my ears...
  8. "Happy Happy Joy Joy" - Stinky Wizzleteats
  9. Not at all...That is from the first album (Tales of the New West) . Dick didn't sing every song, or even most of them. He only had two leads the first album (Happy Boy and California Kid) , played drums on all the rest. . I am pretty sure that is Jerry Rainey on vocals. The band these days, without Country Dick, lives on as The Farmers. They even play the Spring Valley Inn occassionally.
  10. MY dual monitors give me more than 4K in a really logical layout for half the price. I've used a large 4K TV as a monitor in a pinch. I prefer dual monitors.
  11. "City of New Orleans" - Steve Goodman RIP Steve. You were the best of 'em.
  12. Troubleshooting on a PeeCee: Get error message. Put error message in Google. Find link to the hotfix offered in the Windows KB. Troubleshooting on a Mac: Get error message. Put error message in Google. Find article in Apple KB on what setting needs to be changed. Troubleshooting on a Linux box: Get error message. Put error message in Google. Discover how many people have had the same error and have asked how to clear it the community forums. Find possible solution halfway through a thread on page 4. Try to update library mentioned in post. Discover it has dependencies downstream. Use package manager to update it all. Solution doesn't work. Continue to read thread and discover it didn't work for a lot of other people either. Continue to search. find another possible answer. rinse, repeat. eventually get the program working, but another program had a dependency on that old gcc+ library and now needs to be updated to work with the replacement. reinstall app using package manager. Test both, now they work! Super simple! If I want to fsck around with computers I'll have a girlfriend sit on my Mac mini.
  13. I don't know if it is true in this case but a live album is often a "Contractual obligation" album ( You have one album left to fulfill the label contract) and since you get the same amount of money advanced either way, maybe the band management decided to save the money on the production by only have to mix/master one LP worth of songs?
  14. Im waiting for the Saturn V. I bet that one is HUGE!!
  15. "Baby Doll" - Top Cats Swedish Rockabilly!
  16. "Mother and Child Reunion" - Paul Simon
  17. How do you know when it's your new bass player at the door? He doesn't know when to come in.
  18. 2020 dollars...proving once again that gear outside the box goes up in value...but gear inside the box just gets old...
  19. You mean that you pray it works?? 🙂 Every HDD in the world will fail. It's just a question of when. I have found it is usually within 48 hours of a deadline. I use a Nimble Storage SAN that has 12 HHDs with a triple parity RAID scheme for rebuild times measured in minutes, not days with the 3 TB drives in the device + 4 SSDs for an adaptive read cache, NVDIMMs for write cache, built in snapshots for immediate backups every hour, dual controllers, and replication to a second device located elsewhere in the world...all in 3 RU. It doesn't just drive the DAW - its the central repository for the Software, Video and very large still photography asset library and holds the VMs for the VMWare system. Then again, my day job is in very large scale data storage so I had connections to get the devices at a significant price break...but you can find older ones on eBay for less than the price of an Alembic Series 1...
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