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  1. Actually what I called DX/NIK is properly the DXO suite, which used to be called NIK collection. Been using that stuff for quite a while and it’s very good.
  2. No Argument. If I didn't use the software commercially it would have been a waste of money to even spring for the perpetual CS6...but I knew I'd still be using it for more than the three years that the break even point vs the subscription model expense. At the time I had never even heard of Capture One so Photoshop and Illustrator were pretty much "Must Have", and I use most of the rest of the Creative Suite too. Truth be told, Photoshop plays second fiddle to Capture One for most things "Photo" for the last few years around here and muscle memory is probably my biggest driver in always reaching for Photoshop for raster editing. If I need to crank out something fast (and I almost always do), I'm not trying to figure out which brush does what and how well it does it and how to work it. . As an example, yesterday I had to shoot out some retouched images for an artist l am doing a lot of work with (She's competing for a Maxim Magazine cover and I shot most of her book). Zit removal, nipple hiding and minor touch ups etc were probably less than a minute per image in Photoshop. All the rest (color correction, cropping etc) happens in Capture One and with batch processing its a few minutes for the session. Metadata and Digimark and even integration with online proofing gallery all are part of the batch process in C1 so the combination works well for high volume production. I don't typically do a ton of filters outside of a few favorite recipes in DX/NIK collection I actually hadn't even looked at Affinity so don't know what I am missing I guess. So far as PSP and the Gimp, I know enough to know I don't personally want to bother learning them any more than I have. If someone else has a workflow that is PSP to CorelDraw to ...I dunno...whatever, it's great if it suits your needs and its a tool that stays out of your way.
  3. Actually, I saw the writing on the wall and licensed the whole CS6 Master Creative Suite Back when the subscription thing was starting up, so I am good, if frozen at CS6. One of my exes has an .edu email address so she can get the Student deal on Creative Cloud which isn't bad for what you get. My $.02 is that in my case Photoshop is part of a larger ecosystem and workflow and The Gimp or PSP or whatever has no integration with Illustrator, InDesign,Premiere, After Effects, DXC collection or Capture One. CorelDraw is actually a pretty good vector program but if you do graphic stuff seriously (like for money), the Adobe license is either just part of doing business or something your boss pays for. PSP was always the crappy little brother to CorelDraw IMO, but I've also had some Adobe License or the other since 98 or so and PSP never came close to Photoshop for functionality so I probably haven't touched an instance of it since ...around 1998. If you look at the subscription as a way of financing the inevitible upgrade license evey few years it actually isnt that big a difference. Hell, anymore, most people don't need any more of a photo editor than what ships with Instagram or Snapchat anyway. Whoever owns the IP for Corel is just milking the old cow in the barn for as long as they can.
  4. I found this program named "Photoshop" that does a great job with raster graphics editing. No problem with ads either.
  5. Speaking of "Great deals on a Octa card" ...I found a b-stock card on Amazon for $899. Hardly a steal but a few hundred off anyways.
  6. My wife had to work so I am spending the day with my girlfriend.
  7. "Walking on a Thin Line" - Huey Lewis and the News
  8. Any one else remember the incredibly inappropriate and offensive acrostic to remember the values of the color bands.?
  9. I got to double dip on this sale. Cheap ***** that I am, I picked up a used UAD-2 Solo card on Reverb with a nice little bundle of plugins for about $150 to stick my toe in the water. The card had the basic bundle of analog FX included: Real-Verb, Precision Mix rack collection and the Legacy Plugins (Pultec EQs, La2a, 1176 etc...). Today I used Capitol Chambers on a vocal track in demo mode to see if it was "All that"...and yeah...it is. I could tell immediately that it was something I would want to have available (although it pretty much needs to be run by itself on the solo card!). Remembering the sale is going on - I opted for the Pick 3 bundle (which gets you 4 plug ins). and went with Ocean Way AND Capitol Chambers, the newer Neve Preamp and Manley VoxBox. They gave me the sales price and there was another coupon code FINDYOURTREASURE that gave another $25.00 off. so the 4 new ones ran $374...and I just got an email with another $25.00 coupon.... Sooner or later, Ill find a great deal on a Octa card...but I am satisfied I got a great deal on these UA plugins.
  10. Richard Cheese - Baby got Back (Mr. Cheese's backing band is Lounge Against the Machine)
  11. Meh - Instruction sets for ARM vs. x86 are very similar , especially when compared to the old powerPC chips and current IBM Power. At least with ARM, byte order is the same, not the big-endian vs. little endian thing that went before. I expect some specialty apps that rely on the very specific specialty X86 or x64 instruction set (Like the AES encryption offload) will require refactoring -and actually expect Apple will have both ARM and x86 systems systems on the market for a while. A Hypervisor/VM on ARM to run X86 is not really a tenable solution as the processor still would not have the instruction set for the VM to access. But then again, Apple is about the worst for suddenly abandoning users. And so Cakewalk running on a Mac booting Windows will not be a possibility. For a DAW on a mac - Pro-tools or Logic or Garbage band will be the way to go. One of the very large video shops I work with is Windows exclusively, in their case because the performance of Windows SMB just absolutely spanks Apples' version of the protocol for throughput performance - we're talking a factor of 5x or more faster
  12. "Down on the Corner" - The Weather Girls
  13. Like I said to her one night "You're not supposed to actually blow on it..."
  14. You should really have that looked at...Could be the COVIDS!
  15. Personally, not for years. Couldn't even tell you what I am missing out on at this point. Used it quite a lot in Nashville but one place I worked with out there for a major project was a Sonar shop. The Studio owner seemed to really like it (or maybe was just defending not being a Pro-Tools house) and he convinced me to give it a whirl. When I started producing I went the PC/Sonar route and have been pretty happy with it... even major label releases can be done start to finish in good old Sonar X1 Producer (although I will confess I use GoldWave for quick .WAV edits) . Given the quality and functionality CbB now offers, the only advantage I see in going to Pro-Tools would be easier interoperability with a larger ecosystem and a bigger pool of sound engineers who know the platform as it is what is being taught in the schools (at least locally), but I can export stems as needed and no one seems to have much of a problem with them, and I can import stems easily enough as well. You might check out Mikes @Creative Sauce tutorials for a lot of good info in using CbB - I've used the software for a long time and still picked up a lot of tricks. I know some guys bounce back and forth between a lot of different DAWs and, for some genres I guess it makes sense...but CbB hasn't had any feature gaps that have impacted my work, works perfectly fine with my setup (After a few afternoons of hair pulling frustration to get it set up initially with the outboard gear) and, like video post production, I feel it it is WAY better to know one tool really in depth than know how to basically work with a bunch of them. If you want a job at a studio, it really makes sense to know Pro-tools at a very proficient level. If you want to have a studio...I cannot see the advantage. This, of course, may be based on an old world view as I left Nashville over 10 years ago... And on that note I have to share:
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