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  1. Let's All Chant - Michael Zagar Band
  2. "Brother Louie" - Stories A primer on how to use a wah pedal... hint: you must be wearing platform shoes for the full effect...
  3. Cool...I WAS missing something basic. Thanks for the assist!!
  4. My observation after a mixing and mastering session last night: For a more or less normal song for this vocalist demo (Piano and keys, no drums) , I seem to hover at about 35% utilization - nothing too exotic other than Capital Chambers - some 1176s (non-legacy), Legacy Fairchild, the LA-3A, Studer tape emulator and Brainworx masterdesk . My 6th grade math education tells me that could have probably gotten away with a quad card, so the 8 core is just a lot of head room - maybe I am just used to using them sparingly now from the solo card. When I get some stuff with drums going I maybe might crack that 50% Happy as hell with the results. Given that a Quad core is only about $150 cheaper than I paid for this one, and I have but one slot available, Still pleased the next day with no twinge of buyers remorse.
  5. So, Having recently jumped into the UA digital ecosphere with at least one foot...I want to be able to apply automation against some of the control knobs. First use case is a reverb swell in one track. I know I can get most of the effect I am after by fading between a dry and wet track, but it would actually just be easier to just automate the level knob on the plugin for this instance. When I enable automation write on the plugin (since the button is there) I don't get the red boxes around the individual settings I want to automate, and therefore my knob twiddling is not recorded or played back. Am I missing something basic or is this impossible?
  6. Also, I just noticed they extended the half year sale through the 6th...
  7. Yeah, Amazon seller Altomusic. Box and product was indistinguishable from a shiny new one. Shrink wrap intact. Just got the card installed, fired up, registered and Plugins enabled.. With only 1x PCIe slot left I had to pull the solo card out to put in the octo, but no drama or pain from UA in registering my plugin library to the new card. I guess the solo card will just go back in its static bag and box for now. Probably will either resell it or maybe put it into another DAW PC I am slapping together for a friend...
  8. Fedex man just dropped it off. As I said initially, it was advertised as "B stock" I know what that means when it comes to Amps and Guitars and Carburetors , but not so much with something that just fits inside a computer. The card arrived brand new, still in shrink wrap. Still cannot see what makes this particular unit "B stock"... Rolling up my sleeves to install it shortly.
  9. Might be smarter to make sure the Windows version continues to work first.
  10. Well, had you listed it, I would have bought it (and saved the sales tax). There's a dearth of used cards in the market right now, which I think is attributed to the sale. Throw in some desirable plugins and, and as you say...it's a "no brainer". But I'm good now. Looking forward to it's arrival...Juggling plugins and freezing tracks with a solo card is not the greatest experience..
  11. "Streets of Bakersfield" - Dwight Yoakam w/ Buck Owens
  12. "Jet" Wings What do you call a dog with wings? Linda McCartney
  13. StudioNSFW


    I thought "Staff View" was the photo of the employees from the last office party.
  14. "Sexy and Seventeen" The Stray Cats... Of course, now she's wrinkly and 57...
  15. If you didn't get a SSO account you can try emailing support@bandlab.com (A completely different company). They were able to pull up a list of all my licenses so I could reinstall.
  16. DON'T UNINSTALL YOUR OLD SONAR!! An uninstaller will delete the .vst files you will want to preserve because CbB ships with a minimal amount of .VSTs. Start by Going to https://bandlab.com Sign up, get an acount. Install Bandlab assistant from the Download Page. Once it is installed, Open it and log in. Tab on right is for Apps. Link to Download CbB is at the bottom. Click it. It's a big chunk o' data, so it may take a while to pull down the full installer depending on your location and bandwidth. After that, it is just a "Follow the prompts" install. A lot like being married, just agree with everything it asks you (Unless you have a custom location for any of the associated files)
  17. It is, and you can't. But in reality, the online installed shoves an installer into your system and then executes it after download is completed. So it's really about the same diff either way. But there is no offline installer per se. Re: CPU Utiization...No noticeable difference from SPLAT here.. For me CPU usage comes more from Soft Synths than anything else and can be managed even with my pretty low powered proc. Same as it ever was
  18. Lets facew it...They have half the money and all the ...female lady parts.
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