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  1. +1! on this. YouTube is no substitute for 1:1 instruction if you actually seek to improve your craft - the feedback from someone who is dispassionately evaluating the performance and able to make suggestions will be the best way to know what to focus on. 2nd best way is to just play out, a lot - which is sadly not practical right now. My "talent" goes up and down in direct correlation with how much playing I am doing. And all of the best pieces of feedback and advice I have gotten have been from fellow band members. BUT - there is a trick to this - I always try to be the worst player in any band I am in.
  2. "Heart Full of Stone" - The Yardbirds
  3. Gonna have to stick with Randy here... "Crazy Train" - Ozzy Osbourne
  4. I think the best you can do is enable auto save in your preferences so next time your device dies you only have lost a few hours worth of work depending on how you set it up. But Autosave is not something you can turn on retroactively... It happens to everyone once. The trick is to make sure you learn from it and don't do it a second time
  5. Randy Rhoads - "Diary of a Madman" (Free guitar lesson here)
  6. I had that too. My doctor gave me these big pills and told me to drink lots of water.
  7. "Venus" - Shocking Blue Because I can't think of a song about Uranus...
  8. "A Little Less Conversation" - Elvis Presley
  9. "Eve of Destruction" - Barry McGuire Someone get that man a microphone stand.
  10. Intonating on the third fret makes sense to me. There ain't no money past the 5th fret anyway.
  11. With all technology...if you can wait, it will get cheaper. I wonder if someday there will be fanbois that gush over the audio quality of vintage CPUs?
  12. "A World of Hurt" - Drive By Truckers
  13. "Two Nights Without Sleep" - Domino Kings
  14. "Different Drum" -The Stone Poneys How about a 19 year old Linda Ronstadt??
  15. "Paper Roses" - Marie Osmond (with eight kids - Marie definitely qualifies as a "breeder")
  16. "Are You Drinking With Me, Jesus?" - Mojo Nixon and the Toadliquors
  17. "The Night Chicago Died" - Paper Lace
  18. " A Munchkin Welcome" - The Wizard of Oz
  19. "Paris In Your Eyes" - Janis Ian proud to have been part of this project and label. Fun fact: Chet Atkins always said Janis was the best guitarist in Nashville.
  20. Somewhere in a cave outside Las Vegas, there are 500,000 copies of that album so Nancy could get a gold record... Backing musicians were Frank's band...and track 2, a cover of "Day Tripper" with a trumpet for lead instead of guitar, is the bar by which all cheesy covers should be measured for cheesiness.
  21. He would mean if paging is enabled - the issue is something called "Spindle contention" and is not nearly so much of a problem with SSD storage media.
  22. You probably have 32 GB ram, not gHz... gHz is a frequency reading And, yeah, with 32 GB RAM, your system should never be paging to disk at all. Page file was something you had to do in olden days when RAM was limited and very expensive - back then the guide line was a page file at least equal to or up to 2x the amount of installed RAM (That was official word for NT4) . Even back then, if you found your system was paging to disk much it meant a RAM increase was urgently needed, as paging to disk is a order of magnitude slower or more than reading from the memory buss. The page file just existed to keep the system from crashing completely. But if you are able to eat 32 GB of RAM doing ANYTHING in windows...just, wow. You'd be fine to just disable it entirely.
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