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  1. I prefer a bare bones system and install my own OS rather than one with a corporate image with associatted craplications I didn't ask for. But no reason not to just buy one anymore. Back in the olden days when we had to whittle our DAWs out of fine mahogany for the best tone it was different because the off the shelf stuff wasn't optimized for the storage capacity and speed needed to run, and the only reasonable interfaces for latency had to sit in the PCI buss (Although an ISA powered SoundBlaster 2496 was better than anyone ever gave it credit for). These days, interfaces are usually offboard on a fast buss (USBc being the latest hotness and I really like it). I'd simply look for a system with enough available USB3 or USBc ports, ability to support 2 drives: at least ONE SSD, either SATA, SAS or NVMe for the OS and apps, second one could be rotational rust for capacity if you aren't putting your storage offboard ona NAS, plenty o' RAM, and a decent CPU. No point into getting anything super duper for a graphics card. Personally Id pay attention how loud the system fans are too. This one is the sort of thing I'd personally be looking at...figure you need to add storage and an OS. https://silentpc.com/powerhouse-pcs/coffee-lake-tower-pc
  2. Great tips, the Blue Cat is ok for guitar but just "OK" to my ears, and crap for the vocal effect I am after - sounds more like a flanger ...so the search will go on for a bit. In other news, I pinged support and they sent me a nice list of ALL my licenses (I forgot I had the CA-2A but since I am always looking lustfully at vintage LA-2As, now I miss that one too...). However, I did not sign up for the SSO when it was offered (I was dormant in audio and didn't think I'd be back in the game at all...) and they cannot edit that read-only database to add me at this point . I get it, such is life. I can't get into the command center to download this stuff, so I'll toss the closet one more time for the X3 installer (and now that CA-2A). Several lessons learned and relearned on this little quest.
  3. Probably closer to 2012, but I will ping them. Thanks
  4. New account creation is disabled for Cakewalk Command Center. Although I KNOW I had an account it was a LONG time ago and none of my e-mail addresses seem to be in there (retrieve password says no account exists for any of the e-mails I would have used back then). But enough of my woes during this transition... Back to the basic question... I am going to test fly the BlueCat Chorus for a bit. I don't need much, but I had nothing. Recommendations for anything else that someone likes for a vintage chorus would be appreciated
  5. Recently upgraded to CbB. on version My install is on Win7 64 bit (Yes, I know and acknowledge that I was warned...). Sonar X2 Producer is also installed. As I am trying to transition off of X2, I am now opening older projects in CbB and have found that portions of the Control Bar is unresponsive to the mouse; keyboard commands and the V-700 works as expected. Same behavior is seen in new projects. I have found if I collapse the modules, the controls work correctly from the pulldown view...and resizing the transport control back up returned mouse functionality in that module. Most all of the other modules do not work when they are expanded in the control bar but do work from the pulldown menu if they are collapsed and operated from the pulldown. I went back into X2 and everything is still working as it ever has there. Edited to add: the resizing trick works sometimes but not consistently. Transport is again inoperative from control bar, works from collapsed view via pulldown
  6. I have a license for X3 but alas, no install media...
  7. I find I have need for a chorus plugin for guitars and vocals, Any recommendations? I want something that feels pretty analog.
  8. +1. The trick is to NOT uninstall your existing SPLAT. Everything will still be there if you don't and I haven't seen any plugins yet that don't fire up as expected. If you have the VS-700 you either get to hack the driver to use it on Win10, or stay in Win 7. CbB will still install and update on Win7 but it will complain about it. I haven't found a downside yet, and, with the Rise of the COVIDs, I am actually going to embrace a remote collaboration workflow via Bandlab and see how that goes as well....so I am evangelizing CbB and Bandlab to my friends across the county.
  9. I had the console before the I/O. Big trick is to make sure the dip switch on the back, far left, is UP if you are using it only as a console, down if using it with the I/O. Install the correct driver (theres a different one for console only operation) still available on the Roland website, and plug the USB cable in when prompted. After its installed, make sure the CONSOLE midi ports are enabled and install the control surface. If the console surface was already installed, remove it and add it back in, setting all ports to CONSOLE (VS-700) The headphone jacks don't work without the I/O, BTW.
  10. I have a different solution for storage so the PC just boots off a SATA attached SSD. Fast enough for the OS and storage is offboard on a frankly silly fast iSCSI SAN that i got the best kind of deal on. That said, my big Mac Pro (A Video IO Monster running a 4K BlackMagic capture card) lost its original boot drive, and so I installed a NVMe drive. That silly drive is up to snuff for 4K capture at 60 fps with no dropped frames. Probably overkill for throughput on any DAW, but if I was building a DAW PC again I'd go NVMe for the OS drive.
  11. Yup...Same here. First post, hi everyone. I guess I am late to the party. I was a Platinum user, but the DAW PC was eventually decommissioned sometime in the Obama administration and I didn't need one as I was working on graphics and video on a Mac. I recently took on a new project for an amazing vocalist so I dove back onto audio engineering via a trip to the back of the closet to drag out the olde Delta 1010 and built a PC around it....basically building a state of the art 2004 DAW. I had my serial numbers from SonarX2 so I tried to go to the old Sonar site to download the installer....boy was I in for a surprise! Found this nifty idea that what was a pretty expensive piece of Software was now freeware with some kooky social media thing attached to it. I followed the steps and installed the basic package...I noticed a lack of plug ins compared to the X1 Producer I was used to - but then found my olde install media and was able to also install Planinum X2 producer. Suddenly everything was there and worked! neat! . When I started this new project I did everything in Sonar X2, but the files all work as expected in CbB. After reading the bug fixes , I'm comfortable in just working in the new hotness. A a bonus, I happened to find a sweet deal on the VS-700 set up and added it in and that all works right too. The DAW is airgapped normally other than for upgrades as it is running Win7 and I am one of those luddites that doesn't want Windows 10. Just updated and CbB complained once about going into the old OS and then all went in fine - I think the error message was "Hey, it's your neck, pal"
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