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  1. "Funkytown" - Lipps Inc. Mr Sulu - Set the thrusters to maximum cheese....
  2. Not when there are two of them... Hey...I'm a bass player - no one should listen to me
  3. Got it. You need a flame top sunburst Les Paul with Gold hardware and P90s Seymour Duncan Humbuckers with a really cool name, Ivory binding and block inlays.
  4. Certainly interesting behavior. The name of that file that couldn't be found would be a big hint in what you have going on. I have kept all this stuff installed in the name of backward compatibility but have not had CbB fight with me at all like you describe. I recheck old projects after each quarterly release to sooth my raging paranoia....so far so good. What's weird is that SPLAT also follows my screen resolution on this system. SO...I dunno🤔.
  5. Graphics card = GPU =Floating point processor = (old school) Math Co-processor. It will generally help with more "analog math" like audio and video, and if you have the card, why not? An application has to be written to REALLY take advantage of any kind of floating point offload, but it certainly will not HURT performance. (edit) - then I read the thread... Yeah, an good Audio card would be a much better upgrade than the graphics card...
  6. yes. Install SPLAT. Pause, have a beer, and then Install CbB. If you choose the default file locations for SPLAT for Plugins etc they will be the same - and you want that because CbB has phuqoll for VST files as shipped compared to the previous SONAR versions. By default the two program executable files install in two different directories anyway so no conflict there. All of the programs listed in my Signature are currently installed on my machine using the defaults and all work as expected. I have read that you usually want the older programs first so that CbB finds your plugins folders instantly, but it doesn't seem to matter to me - Ireinstalled SPLAT AFTER CbB and everything, again, works as expected
  7. Positive Vibration - Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers
  8. I've worked with a few players who played LPs and I remember them being super heavy. One guys was silly , like 15 lbs. I was playing my Tobias with him, and would hand him that 6 lb swamp ash, much larger 35" scale 5 string after each set as he rubbed his shoulder in dismay. It DID sound awesome for the heavy blues-rock we were playing, though. Believe it was a '58... I've also played with some 335 players who used it for country, so it's not just for Jazz even though it is so common there. It must be crazy making to have to buy an instrument without auditioning several....
  9. "Spiders and Snakes" - Jim Stafford I believe the guitar players on this one went on to create the soundtrack for every 80s porn movie.... Chuka - Chucka - Bow -Wow
  10. What is Angus’ last name.? Easy...
  11. "If I had a Hammer" - Leonard Nimoy WARNING!: Make sure you are stocked up on earwash before clicking this link! IT's the HAMMER OF JUSTICE!!!!
  12. And I am bummed no one followed "Bald Headed Women" with Sinead O'Conner
  13. Janis Ian - This Train Still Runs Produced by yours truly 🙂
  14. Only 4 basses here now since I pared the quiver down. Flats on 75% of them. J bass has Rotosound Swing Bass because it usually only gets played live, but I have an old bad habit and poor technique I guess as my left hand fingers "zing" too much on some changes for recording. Flatwounds positively correct that.... But a music store should carry both round and flat wounds for bass, at least a generic 34" 45-105 set , Just like you'd expect them to stock both steel and nylon guitar strings.
  15. "Bald Headed Woman" - The Who DOUBLE POINTS!
  16. In the Bay Area we have Starving Musician and Guitar Showcase - both are great stores. Starving gets a lot of ordinary used gear but sometimes weird gems can be found there. Showcase is the place to go for crazy rare vintage stuff, or shiny new pro level gear. , Used and new all mixed together. My '69 P Bass came from there, as well as my ex Martin Bass. ( Never pick up a Martin if you are not prepared to fall in love, it was the best sounding acoustic guitar bass I've ever played by a long haul). There's a little independent music store here in town that manages to combine the worst aspects of a small mom and pop store with a big box retailer (Extremely limited selection combined with salespeople of questionable knowledge but asking high prices compared to anywhere else). I've tried to go there a few times for things like strings and cables and they usually don't have what I need in stock "But we can order it and have it here in 3 days"! Of course the answer is "Well, *I* can order it and have it here in three days too, or drive over the hill to Guitar Center and have it in an hour". Why would a music store bother to stock flat wound bass strings in a standard gauge and scale anyway?
  17. "Jet City Woman" - Queensryche posted mostly to avoid a King Crimson track....
  18. Mr. Brownstone - Velvet Revolver If your ex-bandmates are willing to trade half your publishing for the name of your old band - and you think that is a good idea....you might be AXL ROSE.
  19. "Cold Hearted Snake" - Paula Abdul who else thinks someone watched "All That Jazz" over and over while planning this video?
  20. If Open Sores Software is actually a thing for you, there already is an Open Sores DAW: https://lmms.io Same answer for the next prop-top who wishes for a Linux version of Cakewalk.
  21. "Don't Need You" - Cross Canadian Ragweed Best breakup song ever!
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