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  1. Pianoteq does sound better at 96kHz and 192kHz. The latency is fairly comparable though. And, I bought a relatively expensive PCIe card - Lynx E22 - just so I could use it at 96kHz or 192kHz. Osho
  2. I am a pianist and use Cakewalk for piano VST live playback and recording. WASAPI Shared is not an option due to much higher latency. Suspending Audio Engine when Cakewalk is not in focus is not an option because I need to hear Windows sound (from pianomarvel.com) when playing Piano VST. Reaper does not have this problem with WASAPI Exclusive, i.e. Reaper just uses Play 1+2 and Windows sound come via Play 3+4. No issues. Similarly, if I use a Piano VST software directly (e.g. Pianoteq), this issue does not exist. Reaper and Pianoteq can use Play 1+2 without locking Play 3+4. So, it is certainly possibly to only use Play 1+2 in exclusive mode. I prefer to use Cakewalk - works much better for my usage (and I just like its GUI better). It would be great if it only locked the output devices that are checked in the preferences when using Windows exclusive mode. Osho
  3. Hi, I am using the latest Cakewalk by Bandlab. I have Lynx E22 sound card that has 2 Analog outs and 2 Digital outs. There are 2 device outputs Play 1+2 and Play 3+4. I want Cakewalk to use Play 1+2 and windows default sound output device is Play 3+4. Lynx Mixer then combines both of them and sends sound via analog outs. This works just fine with ASIO and I can hear both Cakewalk and windows sound together. There are some driver issues with ASIO at >=96kHz sample rate (which are not related to Cakewalk). So, I switched to using WASAPI Exclusive. In WASAPI exclusive, I am only using Play 1+2 (and I have deselected Play 3+4 as output). However, Cakewalk also 'locks up' Play 3+4 and I cannot hear both Cakewalk and Windows sound together. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Osho
  4. Sure, but in that case it will be great if Cakewalk can automatically reset ASIO driver when resume from sleep is detected. Thanks. Osho
  5. I have a system with i7 and 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD drive. It is very new and performs very well without any other issues. This is not an issue due to an under-powered system. This is an issue because of Cakewalk's implementation of how to handle device disconnections. At the very least, if ASIO driver can be automatically restarted whenever device disconnection happens - that will be great. Thanks. I am hoping that some developer will chime in. Osho
  6. Unfortunately I cannot - I am using that sound device for other (non-DAW) purposes. Osho
  7. The sleep-resume is incidental to this request/issue. The issue is that if a device output is disconnected and Cakewalk isn't actually using it - there shouldn't be a popup informing the user. And, at the very least, that shouldn't reset the ASIO driver. Osho
  8. Hi, I have been using Cakewalk by Bandlab and it is an amazing program - and the recent updates have been really great. I am having one issue with Cakewalk. I have a Windows 10 PC with a display connected by HDMI. The display provides a sound device through HDMI (which I use but not with Cakewalk). When I put Windows 10 PC to sleep and resume, I get a notification that the sound device connected by HDMI is disconnected and would I like to route outputs to other available devices. This is annoying as I am not using HDMI sound device in the first place. There is a setting to turn off such prompts (which I am using). However, when this happens, the ASIO driver stops working. I have to click on the button to restart the ASIO driver. Cakewalk works fine after that. A few requests: can Cakewalk automatically restart ASIO driver when resuming from sleep? Thanks. Osho
  9. Thanks scook - I think the virtual audio cable may just be what I need. sjoens, latency is an issue as I use this primarily for piano playing from the midi controller - so I think I have to use ASIO. Thanks.
  10. Raj G

    Metronome presets

    Thanks scook - I will try out your script.
  11. I am a digital piano hobbyist who is just starting to learn Cakewalk by Bandlab for personal purpose. I use Piano VST hosted inside Cakewalk on Windows 10 PC. I use PianoMarvel.com website for learning Piano. This website plays sounds (accompaniment etc.). I need to be able to hear both the sounds from the VST and the sound from the website together. I have two sound devices in the PC: Realtek sound chip on the motherboard. Cakewalk uses this using ASIO4ALL ASIO driver. HDMI output -> that can carry sound to the HDMI display and the HDMI display has a headphone output. This is the default Windows 10 sound device. So, the website sounds play on this sound device. Since I need to hear both of these sounds, I have connected a cable from the HDMI display headphone output to the Line In for the Realtek on-board sound. I added a track in the Bandlab to mix in the Line In. Now, I can hear both the sounds. While this works, the Line In adds a lot of hiss and noise. The sound is going through DAC -> ADC conversion which I would like to avoid. So, is there a way to directly capture the digital sound going to another sound device and add it as a track in Cakewalk? Hope I explained it well enough. If not, please let me know. Thanks.
  12. Raj G

    Metronome presets

    Thank you everyone for the responses. Very helpful! I tried saving different tempos to different projects and then loading each one by one. It loads the piano VST (Embertone Walker 1955 Concert D) each time - and it takes only a few seconds as the files are probably already in memory - but it is still a slow enough. I do not always record - but I do record sometimes to listen back to the pieces I am practicing to get them better. So, I am not sure looping would work. I am currently trying out AutoHotKey (thanks for the suggestion!). I think it will work out. In preferences, I added custom keyboard shortcuts for bringing the meter/key and tempo dialog boxes. Now, I can send those keyboard shortcut from AutoHotKey script to Cakewalk and send the key input. I am still in the process of working it out - but I think this will work. BTW, Cakewalk by Bandlab is an awesome piece of software - I can't believe such a full-featured software is free. Thanks to Bandlab for making it free! Thanks.
  13. Raj G

    Metronome presets

    I am a piano student and use Cakewalk by Bandlab as a piano VST host for daily practice. I practice a number of songs with different metronome settings (tempo speed and 3/4, 4/4, 6/8 etc.). I find the process of switching metronome settings cumbersome. Is there a quick way to switch between settings, such as 3/4 120 4/4 108 3/4 140 3/4 90 6/8 90 4/4 140 .... I need about 10 such settings for the typical practice hour and going through all of these manually is a pain. Thanks.
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