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  1. Using an audio interface, AKG D5 mic. It appears there is some kind of static spike in the wavelength that seems to expand when a part of the portion is normalized.
  2. Longer Noise Clip.mp3 Thanks. Here is a little more for context. Different clip. Thanks.Longer Noise Clip.mp3 Longer Clip 2.mp3
  3. No plugins were used. Here is the noise in question. Sometimes it at the beginning of recordings. Do you still think it might be a plug-in though I am not using any plugins, just straight recording voice. It sounds like a vaccum cleaner. Noise RS.wav
  4. Hello, I am experiencing random white noise. I am not sure if it happens after I nomalize or not. I didn't find out until later. Trying to track down the culprit. It there is just random static sprinkled throughout the recording. Any ideas? I did search, but couldn't find anything that dealt with the random white noise. This is premix down.
  5. Thanks for your help. Apparently, the Zoom H8 is more comparable with Intel and is hit or miss with AMD USB ports. Therein was the problem.
  6. Ummm...thanks for your response? Lol. 1. In multi track mode the DAW used IS suppose to recognize the live inputs available which I had split up in the different tracks. 2.I have read the manual and I assume the tech I am work with have also,but not necessarily all improvements in CBB, which was why I posted in the first place. 3.As I stated before the ASIO driver they supplied did not provide any usable inputs when in multi track mode(6 in,2out). 4.What ASIO4All provided was a signal where I could inputs to the various tracks. I am sure I am not confused in that manner, what I am unsure of is how to get the remaining inputs coming through so that I can run the 6 tracks rather than the maybe 4 that I am getting. 5.At the time I had 3 mics plugged in not including the X/Y, but only getting a inputs of 2 of the mics. These mics will record on the H8, but in multi track only the two come through.
  7. Hello Everyone, I have been working with tech, but wondered if community might be able to assist. I bought the H8 wanting to use the multitrack option of the interface, upto 12 sound input options. I am basically getting 4. (Driver 1(which is X/Y), Driver 5 ( XLR Input 1 on H8), Driver 7 (XLR Input 3) and Driver 11(mixdown of all) I am using the ASIO driver they supplied, but when I do Cakewalk wouldn't recognize an input. So I install ASIO4ALL it seems that it sort of works putting the two together? What I want to do is utilize the multitrack function for the audio interface, but I am not able to get all the inputs recognized. Anyone have this problem with the H6? Ideas?
  8. Very interesting. I use Cakewalk to record and edit long form narration, but my own primarily. Any time I edit others I think I edit it in a linear fashion. Haven't used the arrangements function much so this is intriguing.
  9. Thanks. Yes, I knew about the peak normalization, but it doesn't help with RMS normalization which is a standard for narration. I had search in the past for this (RMS normalization requests) and it kinda went nowhere, but I wanted to mention it again. Right now I believe Adobe Audition has it and I use it in Audacity. I just wanted to eliminate that extra step. Regarding truncating silence, I had seen the remove silence function. I will take another look at it. Thanks.
  10. From a vocal narration point of view it would be extremely helpful to have a RMS normalization feature and also a way to truncate silence by track. These are some very helpful tools in Audacity that would be nice to have in CBB. I have seen others ask for this in the past and wanted to keep this request happening so that it is not forgotten.
  11. Looks like Richard Gagne has the same problem. Is there somewhere to download this portion? I too am without this portion. I uninstalled then reinstalled it, but to no avail. Patrick did you find any resolve in the matter?
  12. Thanks. Seems like a lot of steps. I will probaby just use Audacity for this after I do what I need to in CW. Thanks again.
  13. Hey Everyone, How do you adjust the speed for fast playback. I wanted to look over tracks without listening to them at full speed. I looked this up on line and apparently there was something in the older version, but I haven't found anything to steer me in the right direction for the current version of CbB
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