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  1. Thanks. Yes, I knew about the peak normalization, but it doesn't help with RMS normalization which is a standard for narration. I had search in the past for this (RMS normalization requests) and it kinda went nowhere, but I wanted to mention it again. Right now I believe Adobe Audition has it and I use it in Audacity. I just wanted to eliminate that extra step. Regarding truncating silence, I had seen the remove silence function. I will take another look at it. Thanks.
  2. From a vocal narration point of view it would be extremely helpful to have a RMS normalization feature and also a way to truncate silence by track. These are some very helpful tools in Audacity that would be nice to have in CBB. I have seen others ask for this in the past and wanted to keep this request happening so that it is not forgotten.
  3. Looks like Richard Gagne has the same problem. Is there somewhere to download this portion? I too am without this portion. I uninstalled then reinstalled it, but to no avail. Patrick did you find any resolve in the matter?
  4. Thanks. Seems like a lot of steps. I will probaby just use Audacity for this after I do what I need to in CW. Thanks again.
  5. Hey Everyone, How do you adjust the speed for fast playback. I wanted to look over tracks without listening to them at full speed. I looked this up on line and apparently there was something in the older version, but I haven't found anything to steer me in the right direction for the current version of CbB
  6. Wow! Thanks a bunch. That was it. Mystery solved. That is exactly how I would edit. Move the view along the time ruler with the magnifier then highlight it. So now I wonder if I have to use the keyboard shortcuts to move it and magnify it if I go low to highlight the clip? Have to relearn a new system.
  7. Hey Mandolin Picker, Thanks for the suggestion, however, I only put it on Ripple Edit Selection. I am not sure what the difference is but that is the one I use. If it is switching to the other I wonder why. I end up having to click on the track number I am still working on other wise it highlights all of the tracks and will cut those as well. Any other suggestions. Is there something I am doing.
  8. You can use CbB for multitrack as in doing multiple auditions for audiobooks and voiceovers and the like. The Magnifying glass that pops up where you can move the timeline or go in really close to the wavelength makes it really fast. The issue I am having is that when cropping or ripple editing I can't get the edit to stay on the track I am working on. It tries to apply the cut or delete to the tracks below or above it. Is there something that you have to mark to nake it stay on one track, rather than keep clicking on the track number each time you are working on the same track?Insert other media
  9. So I do voiceovers, which means I do multiple tracks when auditioning and when doing audiobook chapters I have multiple tracks to edit. I recently started using Cakewalk, but am having a problem where when i make a cut in one track i have to keep clicking on that tracks number as not to delete a portion of track beneath it. This is even if I have other tracks muted and archived. How do you work with CbB so that the track you are working on doesn't affect the other tracks? So any videos that would work with voiceover work would be helpful.
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