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  1. So I have been trying to download cakewalk on my new laptop with no succes. I signed in with my bandlab account and got the bandlab assitant. Beside the tab about cakewalk I clicked on the green buttom that said install, got the pop up and clicked on all five add-ons. I started the download and it seemed fine, didn't get a big response but saw the black text in the bottom of bandlabassistant tab that read "downloading (1/5)" whilst pulsing in text darkness. After a while it said (2/5) and so on. It then showed (4/5) and finished. The downloading text dissapered but I had gotten no desktop shortcut and the only thing I saw was the green butom wich now just said "install" like it did before I tried to install it. I did it all over again but I still got nothing, I have no idea why it dosen't work. please help. Am I doing something wrong? why is this happening?
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