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  1. When i use an audio effect, stock ones, i drag and drop from the browser(to the right of track view). I tried sorting them in different ways, it doesn't work. I also tried adding it by going to inspector, clicking + over near fx. No luck.
  2. Anytime I download an instrument plugin, it shows up in the instrument tracks option. I know that if I get an audio effect(MAutoPitch), I should similarly be able to find it in the insert audio effects options. After the plugin got installed, cakewalk did a scan and the count of number of vsts I had was increased. But I can't find it in audio effects.
  3. I downloaded and installed a third party Audio Effects plugin. Cakewalk scans and recognises it. But when I go to insert audio effects, I can't find it. How do I find and insert it in a track?
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