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  1. Thank you for your help. After different codecs reinstalls i even wasn´t able to play any kind of video in Windows nor in the VLC player. At last, i reinstalled the newest drivers for the AMD Radeon graphics card in my laptop, and too the CCCP Combined Comunity Codec Pack, and at least the videos in Windows are playing. I only tried one time more in Cakewalk and it didn´t show the video images again. But i tried the video in Protools and it plays correctly, hen i begun working in Protools DAW. I will try videos in Cakewalk next time, thanks, Cástor , Ourense
  2. Thanks for your help. I have installed both Vlc player and k-lite codec pack. But certainly i had also troubles playing the video files in WM player and VLC player. Then, i will try to reinstall k-lite codec pack and see if it works, All the best, Cástor
  3. Dear friends, i have a trouble with video playing inside the DAW. I has imported a video into a cakewalk project. It opens ok, imports the audio, i can see the frames in the video track, When i play the project, can hear the audio playing, but it doesn´t show the video playing real time. It only shows a black window, and the number counting I thought that it could be a issue with the video format. I tried to create different types of video, Then i imported it as a MP4 file (in 3840 and 720) , as AVI file ( 320 or 720 HD), but it doesn´t show the video images anyway. I changed the options for showing the video (adjust to window / original size / full screen etc.) but no solution. Thank you for your advises. Cástor, Ourense (Spain)
  4. Thank you very much for your help! It worked, i hadn´t found this options before All the best, Cástor
  5. Hello, i need your help because i don´t know how to show/hide the volume and pan sliders in the Track controls. (S and V in the following image) When i open new projects they don´t appear at all; and in all my older cakewalk sonar projects they appear. Thank you very much, Cástor Ourense-Spain
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