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  1. Twisted Fingers


    Add Protools like playlist.
  2. Twisted Fingers

    Stereo Pan Controls

    Add stereo (separate left/right) pan controls for stereo channels and sends like Protools.
  3. Twisted Fingers

    Add way to de-select active track

    Even after de-select all, the track name of one track will be highlighted meaning that operations like import audio will go to the active track not a new track.
  4. Twisted Fingers

    Phone/Tablet Documentation Versions

    I would really appreciate addition of phone/tablet formatted version of CbB documentation. I tend to use downtime away from my DAW to catch up on the Cakewalk forum discussions. The forum topics that interest me often include links to CbB documentation which are difficult for me to read on my Samsung S7 phone. To read the documentation I use landscape view and zoom to make text legible which requires me to scroll left/right to read each line.
  5. Wow, Craig! That things terrific. It produces a detailed report for each and every device attached. So make sure all or your PC connected audio devices are connected. It found that the Intel Memory Manager needed to be updated which may explain why I had what appeared to be a memory leak while I was updating to 1809. It also handled the update process. Really nice. Thanks.,
  6. Twisted Fingers

    Convolution Reverb?

    Thanks. I'll take a look.
  7. Me too. I mainly use forums to find answers to questions. Though I worry that people won't be able to pass up the opportunity of turning some Q&A items into discussions or, worse yet, debates.
  8. Twisted Fingers

    Convolution Reverb?

    Thanks Dan. I'd missed it. It's only available in the free bundle, which is fine.
  9. Twisted Fingers

    Convolution Reverb?

    Looks like the free version is gone, but they do have a version currently selling for $29.
  10. Twisted Fingers

    Existing SONAR Forum

    Keni thanks. I missed that. Thought I'd read the whole forum but missed the announcement.
  11. Twisted Fingers

    Existing SONAR Forum

    What will happen to all the discussion & information on the existing SONAR forum?