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  1. Twisted Fingers

    MIDI Keyboard (USB) Only Works From Time To Time

    The documentation at this link may solve my long term intermittent MIDI input problems as well. Thanks abacab.
  2. Twisted Fingers

    Is The Update Safe?

    If I waited till the end of a project to update, I'd never update. 🤣
  3. Note that this article and others that it links to were posted in 2016.
  4. Twisted Fingers

    Cakewalk PC Optimization

    Woops. I meant WASAPI. Thanks for the correction. I'll try WASAPI if I'm still not happy with Focusrite's 1.10 beta drivers.
  5. Twisted Fingers

    Cakewalk PC Optimization

    Thanks. I'm going to try it. Tomorrow morning.
  6. Twisted Fingers

    Cakewalk PC Optimization

    Are you still happy? I'm happy that they are updating firmware and the drivers. From the release notes, it looks like this update is an attempt to might be what's needed for better performance with Windows 10 version 1809. At least I hope so. But I worry that being an early adopter might cause me more problems. Let me know. I noticed some mention of WDM which also encourages me. Does the new driver allow you to select WDM instead of ASIO drivers? If yes, have you tried them and how do they work? My understanding based on very little information is that WDM audio is Microsoft's attempt to provide low latency native audio drivers. About the time that Gibson was shutting down Cakewalk, I remember reading some encouraging words from Cakewalk folks about achieving very low latencies with WDM drivers, but haven't heard anything since. Thanks.
  7. Twisted Fingers

    Finalizing Tracks for Distribution

    Please consider adding CD and streaming distribution processing to Cakewalk. I've noticed that audio distribution finalizing products like CD Architect and Sound Forge have been vertically integrated into audio/video production suites that cost $1,000's per year. CD Baby seems to be the only cost effective PC based distribution alternative for indpendant artists. Why not add that meta data integration capabilities to Cakewalk to provide a complete PC based audio production suite.
  8. Twisted Fingers

    Lowest Latency USB interface?

    azslow3, thanks. It would be nice if that information was available when we're making interface buying decisions. However, the tests were done with Windows 7. I would hope that performance with Windows 10, which I think is reported to have better audio performance, and newer more powerful processors. Looks like the successor to my 828 mkII didn't fare very well. My Scarlett 18i8 is probably most similar to the Scarlett 6i6, which didn't do to well either, in the testing. However my 18i8 has a buffer size settings range of 1-20 ms not in samples as shown in the charts. At the 1 ms setting Cakewalk reports 45 samples. At the 20 ms setting 883 samples are reported. Looks like it's about 44 samples/ms.
  9. Twisted Fingers

    Cakewalk PC Optimization

    Thanks Cactus Music. I've verified that I have the latest Focusrite drivers though they appear to have been written back in 2014. It's hard for me to imagine that that driver could be tweaked to improve performance with the Win 10 1809. The drivers I have for my ancient MOTU 828 mkII are newer than that. I use the INTEL Driver Assistant to keep other drivers up to date.
  10. Twisted Fingers

    Cakewalk PC Optimization

    abacab, thanks. I've gone from minimum (1 ms) to maximum (20 ms). I currently have it set at 15 ms because settings below that periodically stop playback. So far I'm avoiding freezing tracks because I bounce around a lot.
  11. Twisted Fingers

    Lowest Latency USB interface?

    Jim this is very useful information for me. I have an ASUS X99 DELUXE II motherboard with the ASUS/INTEL ThunderboltEX 3 PCIe card. It's good to hear that, once the prices drop to within my price range, I'll be able to use a Thunderbolt interface and benefit from the extremely low latencies they are capable of.
  12. Twisted Fingers

    Help files and user/reference guides

    This works for me most of the time. I'm usually looking for help using functions that I don't use often and have been available for a long time.
  13. Twisted Fingers

    Help files and user/reference guides

    The SONAR PDF was over 2,000 pages and hadn't been available in printed form for years. I doubt that there was ever a more comprehensive DAW reference manual. I still use what I think is the last version ever issued.
  14. Twisted Fingers

    Lowest Latency USB interface?

    I have a 1st gen 18i8 and agree 1st gen USB hardware, firmware & drivers were not up to par. My ancient MOTU 828 mill firewire has lower latency. I wish there was some way to know that before you buy.
  15. Twisted Fingers

    Cakewalk PC Optimization

    I need help understanding and hopefully improving the performance of my DAW PC. While mixing, I experience more or less constant dropouts though the dropouts aren't so bad as to prevent me from mixing and making adjustments. At no point do, either the Cakewalk Performance Monitor or the Windows Resource Monitor show any CPU thread exceeding 25%. Why isn't my CPU working harder? What can I do to improve performance. I've run through Sweetwater's DPC Latency recommendations and results look good. (See 4 attached results screenshots) I've run through Sweetwater's DAW PC Optimazation recommendations and provided more details about my DAW PC in the attached PDF summary. I have Use Multiprocessor Engine and Plug-in Load Balancing ticked. (See attached Audio Driver Settings screenshot) My Focusrite 8i18 (original USB 2.0 version) audio interface adjust the Mixing Latency Buffer Size based on a user selected latency in ms. It's usually set to between 15 ms and the maximum of 20 ms for mixing. A setting of 20 ms sets the Mixing Latency Buffer Size to 883 samples. (See Audio Driver Settings screenshot attached. Also note ASIO reported latency values which far exceed the 883 samples. During playback, all threads hover around the bottom on the Performance module. No threads ever goes above 25% but there's a lot of audible popping and cracking and I don't know why. I've only recently started using the iZotope Production Suite which I really like and I suspect that products represent a significant CPU load, but the CPU doesn't seem to notice them. Any ideas why this is happening or what I can do about it? Mixing projects I'm working on now tend to have 8-12 audio tracks, 8-10 aux tracks and 3 buses. Sample rate is 44.1 or 48 kbps and recording bit depth is 24 bits. I usually record no more that 12 audio tracks at a time with no processing and don't incur any problems. DAW PC Optimization.pdf