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  1. Twisted Fingers

    Copy Clip Automation

    No responses. So I guess not.
  2. Twisted Fingers

    Copy Clip Automation

    Is it possible to copy clip automation from one clip to another? I tried copy and paste special, but when the clip is de-selected, the automation is de-selected as well. There also aren't any clip automation lanes. And there don't seem to be any copy/paste choices in the automation edit dropdown.
  3. Twisted Fingers

    2019.07 Feedback

    Looks like keyboard shortcuts you want to add for all lenses & "none" should be added with "none" selected in lenses.
  4. Twisted Fingers

    2019.07 Feedback

    Good to know. Thanks
  5. Twisted Fingers

    2019.07 Feedback

    Thanks winkpain. Both approaches worked. I guess the bug is that custom key bindings need to be re-created and saved with every lens you create. Bill
  6. Twisted Fingers

    2019.07 Feedback

    I'm having the same problem. Is the Export/Import work around the only solution currently available?
  7. Twisted Fingers

    2019.07 Feedback

  8. Twisted Fingers

    2019.07 Feedback

    My HelpText_EN.dat is not up to date. See attached screen shot. How do I update it.
  9. Twisted Fingers

    Feature Request - Mouse Wheel Scrolling of Menu Lists

    How did you find this response from 2003? 🤔
  10. Twisted Fingers

    Aim Assist Not Visible [Solved]

    Problem solved! Aim Assist reappeared. May it took the weekend off.
  11. Twisted Fingers

    Aim Assist Not Visible [Solved]

    I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but I don't know what. I've enabled Aim Assist in the Edit menu by clicking on Aim Assist not by pressing "X" as the 2019.07 Reference Guide says. But I still can't see it. It worked before, I'm guessing all the way through the early release versions since I used them all and had Aim Assist enabled all along. I verified that the color is gray under Color Customization. See Screenshot. I couldn't find a way to include the Edit dropdown in a screenshoot. It disappeared when I pressed Alt. Also couldn't capture the cursor in the screenshot. It's to the right of Now Time.
  12. Twisted Fingers

    Hide VST2 Plugins [Solved]

    Am I missing something? I have "Hide Related VST2 Plugins" under VST3 Migration Settings checked. But Related VST2 plugins still shown in Browser. See Screenshots.
  13. Twisted Fingers

    Audio Device Disconnection Dialog [Solved]

    I don't think so. The message is for the AMD graphics card HDMI audio. My ASUS motherboard has Realtek drivers.
  14. Twisted Fingers

    Audio Device Disconnection Dialog [Solved]

    I've clicked "Yes", "No", the "X" to close and always continue on with Cakewalk. Cakewalk seems to be unaffected because it's not using that device. I see. I'd missed that. I thought that the device was no longer available . I think I've tried skipping the audio drivers in the graphics card install but something happened that convinced me to include them.
  15. Twisted Fingers

    What other DAW is most similar to CbB?

    Thanks. I thought I had it disabled but didn't and haven't had any problems. I just disabled it. Thanks again. My understanding that disabling fast boot is a good idea because the data saved by Windows to support fast boot may in some cases be corrupted and can trash your system.