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  1. The 64 bit .dll files from Spitfire actually save right in Cakewalk's vstplugin folder on the D drive
  2. I don't know what you mean by that
  3. I downloaded some plugins from Spitfire Audio, but Cakewalk doesn't detect them in the VST folders that I assigned them to. I had made sure the file paths were added to the Cakewalk VST scan paths. For some reason though, the "Rescan failed VSTs" and "Rescan All VSTs" buttons are greyed out, even on Manual Scan. How do I resolve this?
  4. My laptop has a 256 GB SSD (C-drive), and I recently added a 1 TB HDD for extra storage (D-drive). I had tried to move Cakewalk to D-drive by these methods, each resulting in some issues and errors when trying to boot up the app: "Move to" function in File Explorer for EVERY folder that pertained to Cakewalk (Programs, x86, Cakewalk Content, Projects, AppData, Common Files, etc...) SteamMover app Going to settings and changing the download and save location in my PC to D-drive Everytime I download the Bandlab Assistant, and then Cakewalk, I look in advanced settings for download and it's always on C-Drive. Additionally, the "Browse" button is greyed out. I know the third option works for sure because I was able to make my games go to D-Drive that way. (had to uninstall/reinstall, but they appeared in D) I just want to have space in my SSD. There is a whole TB for this music app, and yet it wants to be in my C-Drive. Anyone have a solution or suggestions?
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