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  1. Lucy

    importing audio tracks

    Hey guys have you ever experienced it that you've tried to import WAV files into the DAW, but there's been a limit to how many tracks you can do? I clicked to open the third WAV file, but nothing uploaded into the track. any thoughts?
  2. this is *****ing funny especially the puke
  3. This is urgent, as it is a tertiary study project that's due in less than a day. If anyone could help me with this it will be much appreciated. Images attached below. Could anyone tell me how to make and transfer stems from CbB to any other DAW to make it easier to collaborate with others. I've gone up to the top left and clicked the 'Export' button (see second image down). I went for the Open Media Framework (OMF) option first because the help panel said it was designed for "cross platform compatibility", which seemed in line with what I wanted. But when I clicked on it nothing happened, and went I went from File---> Export----> it was there as an option but it was in grey (see last image). Then I tried saving it as an audio file (see third image) (I chose WAV file because that's what I usually use when sharing audio files back and forth with friends) and it said 'mixing down audio' up in the transport module, but then I found that either the file would not save, or when it did save it just came up as one file to be played not as separate audio files (see first image) This isn't really what I wanted. I wanted to be able to transfer whole projects back and forth between the DAWs so we can each other's separate tracks in the session and add our own tracks. Does anyone know how i can achieve this? In the name of collaboration? thanks
  4. How to make and transfer stems to other DAWs (if you haven't done that already)
  5. Lucy

    How to move tracks manually

    Hi, How do you move tracks manually, like click and drag each track so vocals are with vocals, percussion is in a specific order etc etc. Thanks.
  6. It's called the Now Time marker, right? I mean that thing that you drag back and forth that indicates where the piece starts playing from. I'm wondering if there's an easy way to bring that marker back to the beginning of the project, without having to press rewind, drag it manually, or set it in place by pushing Ctrl- Spacebar. Thanks
  7. magical, i can now move it wherever i want it. Ta
  8. Hi, I'm new to Cakewalk. I've noticed that when i record through MIDI keyboard and i wish to edit a note that's been played out of time through piano roll, the notes (shown as lines) tend to like to stick to each beat rather than allowing me to simply drag it wherever i want it. I can usually hear exactly where i want a note to fall just by listening, and looking at the playback, but then the software won't allow me to drag it to that exact place. It doesn't sound quite right when it's exactly on the beat because the rest of the notes have their own sort of... flow. Is there a way to allow for more flexibility in terms of dragging notes, for example decreasing the fractions by which a note can be dragged/ not weighting them towards the beats? thanks! Lucy
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